50 MORE Facts You Didn't Know 14 Details In 'Game Of Thrones' Season 1 day ago   16:01

The Why
Sorry guys, ran into a problem and had to reupload!

Hey everyone, its been over a year since I posted my original Game of Thrones facts video, so I thought it'd be fun to make a second video, with 50 more facts! Hope you like it.

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Notice that at 15:06, when the narrator is specifically naming Michelle Fairley, a picture of her sitting in the background is shown with a man in the foreground. Why would you do this? Is the man Michelle Fairley? No. There are millions of pictures of her so why would you show a Harry Potter picture of her with someone else in the focal point of the picture? Is this the Middle East where men come first? Wtf, dude? Unsubscribed.
Ian Skrivarnik
heres a fact you didnt know either: season 8 fucking sucks.
I am watching this during summer...thanks
Cristine Lucas
OHHHHH thats why Jon Snow is now Jon Sand 15:30
You missed out 'Sigur Ros' and 'Of Monsters and Men' as musicians who appeared on the show.
I hope the spinoff explores Arya travelling past Westeros
Dany Heart wasnt fake blood, it was made out of gelatin and you showed maester Aemon instead of Pycelle^^
Venla Hämäläinen
I hate Harry Potter
All the fokin theories is shit like season 8
8:im from israel and i had no idea that was a thing lol
Bridget Abaver
Great video 👍👍I actually did learn a lot
willhill mark
5:57 Why did you not include the history of a Swedish king, Gustav Vasa. Just google upp what he has done! It was not a wedding, but it was still preety gruesome
14:05, he is not Pycelle
Ayush Panigrahy
Great video!!!
I thought Sigur Ros played during Joffrey’s wedding reception...

What a dumb video
Im disappointed thought was gonna be something interesting
Your Ma
Love the way he pronounced ciaran hinds "seearan"
Pedro Medeiros
Fist fight: the mountain vs odor (enraged). who wins?
Snake Pliskin
Peter Dinklage is a super sport! He was talked to the most harshly in the show and deflected the words like Jon did Ramsay’s arrows.
When I first watched the show, peter was the actor that stood out most and seemed like a lead anchor in the series, which he was.
His story line is arguably the best POV character journey to watch in the show.
Snake Pliskin
I knew It. Tommen is that kid who played his cousin! They switched up a few characters actors
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14 Details In 'Game Of Thrones' Season 50 MORE Facts You Didn't Know 1 day ago   07:27

“A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms” — Episode 2 in the final season of "Game of Thrones" — has finally arrived. We break down the references and hidden meanings in this second installment of Season 8, including 14 details that even the biggest GOT fans might have missed. Watch out: Spoilers abound.

This latest episode prepares us for the long-awaited confrontation between the White Walkers and the living, a battle that’s set to take place in Episode 3. Until then, we answer some of your most burning questions: Why does Bran forgive Jaime? What is this special relationship between Bran and the Night King? How does Daenerys really feel after learning about Jon’s real parentage? Will the alliance between Starks and Targaryens hold long enough to fend off the army of Whytes? Finally, what was tragic hymn that Podrick sang — and what do the lyrics tell us about the fate of Westeros?

Episode 3 will air next Sunday on April 28, 2019.

Read more:


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14 Details In 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8 Episode 2 You Might Have Missed

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