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Following the events of Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man must step up to take on new threats in a world that has changed forever. 

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Dan 7
Next movie: Spider-Man Run from Home
Dormina Nepans
Very nice movie
Sleeky Fox

The first fight scene isn't in the movie...
Not very interesting i have watched full movie but in the last part the fight is really cool and the suit omg very nice and i am biggest fan of spiderman
Yo I watched this movie geeked asf not the best idea.. I thought the world was ending and thought I got kid napped by aliens and thought I was from the future yea I was rly fucked up😂😂😂😂💀
Frankie Findlay
i really dislike the movie?
Alan Parson
Spiderman: Homecoming
Spiderman: Far From Home
Spiderman: Prom
Spiderman: Far From Prom
Where is 0:27 and 1:26?
Mahdi Ibrahim
spoiler: Spider-Man name is Peter Parker.
Jojo Arroyo
Mysterio is a bad guy and spider mans identity is revealed at the end and mysterious makes him look like the bad guy... thanks for the likes😂
Vincent Smith
what if mysterio gets the reality stone?
*Illusion 100*
χαρης 123
How spiderman is alive
Jagged j
I hate all you whiny PC phuqs that complain just for attention when a white person is cast in an ethnic role but when someone ethnic is cast in a white role (MJ) everyone's cool with... Can't just play one side of the fence people get off your high horses. Either its always wrong or its not wrong at all you can't have it both ways. I for one want all characters to be played by their actually comic counter parts and this Mary Jane Watson's already ruining this movie for me. Her RED HAIR makes her iconic. Big thumbs down on casting this time round
Nadira Ufayrah
Annabelle : Come to home
Spiderman : Far from home

Striker 333
Watched it today at the local cinema, but walked out after, wondering why I sat through a two hour long Marvel commercial, for the NEXT Spiderman movie!
Sincere One
This movie was terrible
Gil and Lissa Ramirez
Do u now like spiderman i im lava u
0:22 did they remove his injuries from being hit by the train in the trailer?
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How Iron Man Could Return After SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME - Official 1 day ago   10:19

Thumbnail Image by spdrmnkyxxiii → https://www.instagram.com/spdrmnkyxxiii/

Chances are pretty good that you've already seen Avengers: Endgame and don't need this spoiler warning — but, as you no doubt know, Tony Stark doesn't make it out of Endgame alive. Since so much of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been built around Stark and his armor-clad alter ego, his absence leaves a pretty big vacuum. But will it stay that way forever? Maybe...maybe not. Here's how Iron Man just might return to the MCU, in one form or another.

One of the best things about having a hero whose powers come from a suit of armor is that almost anyone can wear it, assuming they're the kind of person who doesn't mind flying around with rocket-boots and shooting bad guys with repulsor rays. If that's the case, then there's no better candidate for the new Iron Man than Colonel Jim Rhodes, who already has plenty of experience in the suit.

That's not what makes Rhodey the obvious choice, though. In comics, he's been better known as War Machine for decades, but Rhodey's first major story came when he took over the identity of Iron Man while Tony was struggling with alcoholism. His tenure as the Armored Avenger lasted for four years, and even saw him as the version of Iron Man who went off to fight in the Secret Wars event.

Rhodey has the added bonus of being a known quantity among MCU fans. Don Cheadle might've replaced Terrence Howard with the second movie in the Iron Man franchise, but the character has been around since the first Iron Man film. Then again, that might be a detriment. Cheadle's the same age as Downey, and while that obviously didn't keep him from some epic superhero action in Endgame, filmmakers might be looking for someone younger going forward.

Endgame paid off plenty of plot points and lived up to its promise of being the end of an era, but the MCU shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. So it makes sense that Endgame would also lay down a little foreshadowing of its own. Keep watching the video to see how Iron Man could return after his Endgame death!

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Rhodes less traveled | 0:24
Next generation | 1:31
Heir apparent | 2:22
Ironheart | 3:55
Teen Tony | 4:53
2020 vision | 6:10
Ghost in the machine | 7:17
Armor Wars | 8:10
Full of squirrels | 9:24

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