Everything GREAT About John Everything Wrong With John 1 day ago   18:42

John Wick 3, or Parabellum I guess is coming soon. So it was a good time to do one of the more requested movies I get from you people. And after 3 weeks of putting it off, here's everything right with John Wick!

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Outro Music: "Rise of the Heroes" by Jon Wright

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Kefka Palazzo
My personal favourite part about this movie is the level of build-up they give Wick, and at the end, it's payed off in full. I remember watching it, thinking he couldn't possibly live up to all those stories. I was proven thoroughly wrong xD
Klaudia Toporowska
Wait this is your first Keanu movie?!...... does this mean you haven’t watched Matrix?!
John Wick practices Gun- Juitsu...
Art Hands
28 kills in the red circle, 28 pounds
The 1diot426
Idk why but at 8:30 feel like you should just call it “John Wick fu”
lldns Sucks
I can’t imagine keanu actually kill anyone since the memes
Alexander Tran
I wonder how many people watched this movie from BMC to go to Keanu Reeves fandom and THEN going to the John Wick fandom
There should be infinite more wins because Keanu is in this
Black Ops
This movie is breath taking
lady. lonley
I was gonna say IF YOU SAY EVERYTHING WRONG JOHN WICK I was gonna click on it and unlike it but I am gonna like
William Gority
20 kg is more like 44 pounds, not sixty, and definitely not 28 pounds.
Seven Words Music
This content is VERY SUPERIOR to Cinema Sins's~
2:34 Peligriso?
lil drip
The fact that he just replays the scenes where john shoot them and talks over it BRUTAL
Captain Elon
This movie is great because it makes you side with a criminal assassin by making him feel like he’s the part of us who wants violence and revenge for injustice that happens to us I love this franchise
Pablo M-F
Suscribed for knowing Tate Fletcher!
George Lupton
That all American hitman in the film is not American, sorry to disappoint.
Eric Rhodes
Don't get me wrong, this movie is great but it pales in comparison to the Heroic bloodshed films that inspired it. CGI muzzle flashes and CGI bloodshed really hold this film back from being on the same level as those films.
Jessica Zimmer
This is so good. I do wanna point out that the director's have said the crime lords have an understanding with the PD that, so long as they stick to their own and don't harm innocents, the cops leave them to their own affairs. Jimmy the cop is also said to have a foot in both worlds, which is why John let's him see what's going on, but Jimmy keeps it to himself.
Ankur Patel
Why would carrion be the front desk guy and not the the kill up a murder scene guy?
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Everything Wrong With John Everything GREAT About John 1 day ago   15:50

John Wick Chapter 2 continues the retired assassin's adventures picking up just four days after the last movie. It's got sins, for sure, but yeah... it's still pretty fun.

Thursday: More ridiculous action, only a bit older.

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