Ukrainian Forces using guided Former ISIS Members and Their 1 day ago   03:40

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More ukrop aggression. They are also shelling civilian areas on a daily basis.
Where is the Western intervention or at the very least sanctions?
high 69
The Russians are just butt
Roman H
I smell ruskie sukas shitting their pants. There is a reason why tanks don't want to go to front line any more.
Sober Сossack
Fuck yeah! Death to russian pigdogs!
Don Sonny
The soldier guy speaking is not making a good case for himself claiming the Ukrainian side only demonstrates the capability of the ATGM meaning they are not really looking for a fight or to breaking the ceasefire agreement it’s just a demo for future sales , this what his speech came across as
Ali Al Alawite
American Exceptionalism
First off leat me start by saying that R&U, you suck balls. There's no proof that Ukranians fired those missiles. There was no movement at all after the missiles made contact. For all we know it could a field training video from Afghanistan. & then to have a Russian merc complain about breaking treaties? Russians break treaties constantly. If the Ukranians did fire missiles at the Russians I'm sure they had a good reason. The fact that the other side is Russian mercs is good enough for me.
They must be taking lesson from FSA. Donbas needs to be liberated from Russian occupation!!
They send 50 you respond with 200 more
War diary
I dont hear Allah u Akbar ?!!
a ahir
"если вы не русский, пожалуйста, не отвечайте" мой вопрос к России Украина

Ответьте на вопросы - - - - Россия и Путин заботятся о Сирии и прекращают войну в Сирии через год, решая вместо этого вопрос о прекращении войны на Донбассе DPR LPR ? Путин помогает Сирии, Венесуэлы abondaned Донбасс, ДНР, ЛНР

В СМИ Путин открыто поддерживает режим диктатора Асада, но никогда не объявлял лидеров ДНР и ЛНР Моторолу и Гиви погибшими военнослужащими РФ? Человек, который решает проблемы мира не в состоянии решить свою проблему ???

Причина, по которой Россия хочет аннексировать регион, где газопровод идет на экспорт, но весь этот регион не является частью России, поэтому, чтобы попасть под Россию, война началась, поэтому ее очевидная Россия не остановит войну
но после года войны ничего не вышло, это заставило Путина использовать помощь Сирии для своего проекта.
Как только Турция станет уверенной, используя Сирию в качестве посредника , Путин сможет преобразовать маршрут трубопровода через Турцию
как и Донбасс в Сирии
Сирийцам надоел диктаторский корабль поколения Асада, поэтому они боролись за то, чтобы убрать власть предков Асада, но Путин обманул весь мир.

история о помощи Венесуэле, спасающей диктатуру, убивает невинных за газовое золото в подарок

Гений Путина убивает много невинных без вины пойманных

Я не понимаю, как страна может процветать на крови невинных.

моя Россия слаба, но, пожалуйста, вместо того, чтобы искать грамматические ошибки, такие как ответы учителей, Донбасс хуже Сирии
в чем причина войны в Донбассе ДНР с ЛНР
Alexander Kirpichnikov
Who’s gonna buy this shit?
Douglas Rocha
I was wondering if it's worth throwing a missile of thousands of dollars at a bunch of junk. 🤔
Whites killing whites, when we should be uniting as brothers
Christian von Wies
Scheinbar Geld genug von Merkel gekriegt, um Bretterbuden mit Panzerabwehrraketen anzugreifen?
Peace silence
Ребят, кому интересно, посмотрите мое видео про "Войну на Украине", очень трогательное...
yoseph og
3-4 projectiles to the same vehicle position?
Jake Dee
So that was 2 shots of an anti armor missile against dug out positions made of light materials. I also saw no heavy weapons, personnel or other equipment in those positions. It looks like target practice to me. The idea of combat testing for promotional purposes seems very reasonable.
Good luck in hell to all the ukrainian retards
Filip Brecelj
peoples militia aka russian army + naive idiots and mercenaries
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Former ISIS Members and Their Ukrainian Forces using guided 1 day ago   06:53

PERSPECTIVES | Former Islamic State caliphate members are now trying to come home to their native countries, but some are finding major roadblocks. What is the return all about and can they be trusted? China Global TV correspondent Stephanie Freid analyzes.


Their home countries don't want them and holding trials in Syria isn't an option: now suspected foreign jihadists could end up facing tough justice over the border in Iraq.

Both countries have suffered for years at the hands of the Islamic State group and Iraqi courts have already meted out hefty sentences to hundreds of foreigners detained on its soil, often after lighting-quick trials.

As the final shred of the once-sprawling jihadist 'caliphate' crumbles in eastern Syria, Kurdish-led forces backed by the US have captured hundreds more diehard foreign fighters.

The American military — which spearheads an international coalition fighting IS — has in the past shown itself willing to hand those captured in Syria to the authorities in Iraq.

In August AFP attended the Baghdad trial of 58-year-old French citizen Lahcene Gueboudj, who said he had been spirited from Syria to Iraq by US troops.

Belkis Wille of Human Rights Watch said the organisation knows of at least five instances in which US forces handed foreign detainees over to Iraq's Counter Terrorism Service.

They include Australian and Lebanese citizens transported out of Kurdish-controlled areas, at least one of whom was eventually sentenced to death in Iraq.

Iraqi justice can be harsh and its courts have doled out death or life sentences to hundreds of foreigners accused of being IS members, including some 100 women.

Others who come from Syria can expect similar treatment.

'They are at risk of torture and unfair trials in Iraq,' Wille warned.

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