Ukrainian Forces using guided Could Ukraine hold off a Russian 2 days ago   03:40

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Again : This is a war documentary, VIDEO CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES


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rana t
Soros will be pleased with the Ukrainian Blood being spilt!
Linda Sincavitch
While I am in Support of the Ukraine fighting Russian Puppet Soldiers who think they are fighting for independence but, are just furthering Putins agenda of recreating the "Old Standard," I see no reason for the Ukrainians to waste ATGM's on empty positions that could be destroyed with LAW's and not keep them on hand for when the Sepratists (Russians) come at them with Tanks. But hey, everyone likes shooting shit at the ole range...
cool ganer
I like how this channel is pro-Russian , but every normal channel should be neutral
It's so nice seeing a missile fired without hearing, Aloha Snackbar!
true story
kirm is ukrine
Ferdinand Mecheng
Donetsk People Army can also launch their new MBRL to test Ukranian posts to test; that will be real equation.
Tommy Harrison
🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Nice shot!
Ernesto Roman
Russia is full of s***
John B
If the Russians left Ukraine there would be no more war.
Charlie Horse
Fuck Putin
dragon joe
Doesn't feel legit, I'm too used to hearing "ala akbar",after yhe hit.
Ogi Gligic
Ukropi jebani.Jebo vas Nato.
David Reynoso
Putin beware. You should get out of Ukraine. .. 5 Years fighting well done Ukraine 👍Lord jesus protect Ukraine Military.amen God bless
Norman Witkowski
It is a weapon the same as any other weapon used in a conflict.
Zak Novak
Ukraine Nazis killing each other !!! Bravo ! And Donbass Republics sitting back and enjoying the show and eating popcorn ! Военная прокуратура Украины расследует обстрел боевиками «Правого сектора» позиций ВСУ –
МАРТ 24, 2019 14:02
24 мар – Украинская военная прокуратура в зоне конфликта на Донбассе проводит разбирательство по факту минометного обстрела боевиками «Правого сектора» позиций военнослужащих ВСУ. Об этом сегодня сообщил начальник пресс-службы Управления Народной милиции ДНР Даниил Безсонов.

«Военной прокуратурой проводится разбирательство по факту минометного обстрела первого батальона 24-й отдельной механизированной бригады с позиций добровольческого украинского корпуса «Правый сектор», в результате которого погиб старший солдат батальона Михаил Мартынов», — сказал Безсонов.

Ранее сообщалось, что между регулярными частями ВСУ и прибывающими в зону ООС националистическими подразделениями наблюдаются ежедневные вооруженные стычки за распределение зон ответственности, которые приводят к жертвам. Так, минометным огнем национальной гвардии Украины были убиты четверо военнослужащих подразделений ВСУ.
those peoples militias have tanks
gulag master
Not successful until allahu Akbar is heard
marin khan
Fuck Ukraine
jim anderson
Thanks very much to the US tax payer
Mac Marksen
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Could Ukraine hold off a Russian Ukrainian Forces using guided 2 days ago   11:44

The video explores the current military strength of Ukraine, as of end of 2018, as well as the positioning and strength of Russian armed forces around Ukraine. It goes on to hypothesize about a possible Russian invasion, how would it go and how well could Ukraine defend. It ends with an analysis of US forces nearby and what could the US do if it wanted to intervene.

As a companion piece to this video, we recommend our previous video: European Alliance vs Russia

Images used in this thumbnail:
Ukrainian Tank
7th Army Training Command from Grafenwoehr, Germany [CC BY 2.0 (]
Russian T-90 tanks [CC BY-SA 3.0 (]

Music by Matija Malatestinic

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