Odell Beckham Jr. Surprises Team Odell Beckham Jr GOES OFF against 2 days ago   05:42

Odell Beckham Jr.
Surprised the Chaney High School football team with new Nike Air Max 720’s during practice. It’s a blessing to be a blessing.

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Igor Telles
You are my idol odell Love you!!!!
mr.perry gang
Hi im Christopher I'm a big fan I want to be like u and j want to be in the NFL I been a fan of u since 2013 THE ONE HAND CATCH
Odell is the goat 🐐 💯I’m bein real
Kaleb Umstead
should be on viceland fr
Terrance White
They try there best to put OBJ in bad light like that watch. This man didn't promote the watch his rest. We as fans wouldve never known anything about it. They saw the watch on his rest and made it big deal. Thats what they do. Need to be talking about how trash Baker Mayfield is playing the last 2 games. When is this brotha ever gonna get a good QB? So he can take down all the recorders one by one.
Snickel Fritz
Welcome to Ohio OBJ. Seems like a really humble guy and I am glad to have him on my favorite team. May God bless him with peace and happiness.
Benjamin Nguyen
That's sick man, wish I could do the same ! God bless you
Ghana Tekton
Thank you Odell
Vue Lee
Thank you. You saved my fantasy team.... When Andrew Yangs UBI comes in I'll remember to donate to your Charity..... Monthly...
Clif M
Good deal man. Good deal.
Sister Mary
Great spirit... the kids feel it
Odell me too!ive been playing since 4
Ronald Brown
Young king of drip....89 yards just now! Btw dope video..gotta give back!
James Thiel
It’s great to have people like you in our world, Odell. I’m a big fan
shawn seawood
Good community work. Keep up the good job. The good side of the NFL.
Michael Crabtree came to carter and did the same thing with no press💯💯
Isaiah Hrabal
You inspired me cfc to play Football Odell and I have been playing for 6 or 4 or5 years thank you Odell for being friend
Saucy Hoes
Same highschool I graduated. Youngstown Ohio. We doing big things
Valerie Keville
Why did you have to go to bears my fav team giants and your my favorite NFL player your my inspiration man love you respect
Robert Knights show
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Odell Beckham Jr GOES OFF against Odell Beckham Jr. Surprises Team 2 days ago   03:05

Odell Beckham Jr vs New York Jets Highlights. OBJ went off against the jets with 161 receiving yards and a touchdown. Also you may notice the 2 million dollar watch he was rocking.
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