Dinosaurs & Giant Trucks! Monster MONSTER Truck TOW Truck for Kids 1 day ago   11:27

Park Ranger Aaron and Park Ranger LB are on the lookout for Dinosaurs at Monster Jam while they're checking out all the giant trucks! After their Dinosaur adventure, they unbox the newest Monster Jam toys from Spin Master. Special thanks to Monster Jam for giving us passes to the Pit Party and special Monster Jam event video.

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Dinosaur Adventure Stories:

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Park Ranger Aaron and Park Ranger LB check out the giant trucks at Monster Jam while looking for a Dinosaur that escaped!
George Dion
Do a hello neighbor in real life
Analleli Garcia
Blue 6!
Bryanna Domiano
I was there
Currie Gaming
Monster jam is awesome
JJ Toy Mania
Béla Klettke
Amazing Toys AndFun
This is so cool !!! Love this video 💜💜
Very fun! Thumbs up!
MetallicA-for-life 27
its nice seeing a dad and his kid having fun
Toy Cars For Kids
Sarah Gubb
I want to see you two drive megalodon the shark🦈
Kim Pritchard
I have the toy Grave digger💀
Lil Snake
How many dinosaurs are there
This is the greatest video
Teresa Hoelle
How are you there when it is not may 10 11
Manpreet Singh
monster. trucks. are. cool
Chris Pa nznsjskdkdjdxddrrish
I I have went to monster truck rally my monster truck monster
Antonio W
I like. Monster jam
Lynn Burns
I like son of a digger
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MONSTER Truck TOW Truck for Kids Dinosaurs & Giant Trucks! Monster 1 day ago   11:18

On this episode of the Axel Show, Axel unboxes a new toy tow truck monster truck! He uses the tow truck to to the monster truck Grave digger out of the mud! We found some really cool mud, and decided to make a video of monster trucks in the mud!

This some of the most fun we have had making videos of monster trucks for kids! We hope you enjoy the show!

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