Trevor Noah Nails The British “Getting Pulled Over In America” 2 days ago   05:10

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Trevor Noah does his best British accents covering royal news, updating us on Brexit's progression while impersonating some of Britain's most iconic figures.

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Nabin Poudel
It should have been "Alohomora" not "Expeliarmus" 😂
hazel haz
Hahahah, love 💕 your accents Trevor. Awesome 🤣😂🤣😂🤣💩🤣😂🥵😭
AJ Arthur
Wow Trevor wow
All I can say is WINDRUSH.
nade bob
travoo u a bad mf lmfao
Daniel Stephens
10 Downing Street is behind huge black gates and under constant police guard...
Adriana Leal
Let me see if I understood It right.
Mr.Trump is polite and a gentleman and the Queen is human???? Like Also a Mother and granny???? Are you sure?? Not an by now IT???? The world sound weird Anyway tô the point I have been asking celebrities : How do you prove you are you? By phone, internet, photo,vídeo? Have you known a software that can mimic you???? Only in person you exist!!!!!
Oh! That beard man reminds one that was in fade in on my photo of far buildings and was wearing a witch clothes. Funny desapear from my temperamental cell phone that works when whatever. The clássic Black humor or horror must an English be involved. Agatha Christie, Sherlock Holmes and others.
Okwir Daniel
Talented dude
Zhou Wu
When he impersonated John Oliver in the room escape thing, that was my favourite part.
Magnus Vestbø
3:36 lol he was In the millatery
Yassin vlogs
Rosa cardoso
Axe Hole
My biggest question is Prince Harry’s he also “Ginger“?
Ethaniol81 i
There are many british accents
Bonibow Boutique
Sounds nothing like us
H Kirk
The John Oliver bit killed me!
konsms sng
Noah, u r rude , u r not supposed to ridicule PM
Adam P
Conservatives in Britain aren’t anywhere near as far right as trump. I don’t think enough people realise just how far right trump is.
Mash DP to safety
All I gotta say is
The brummie accent
Life like light line
So what's this guy's main job? Mocking people to earn money! Shamed. You shouldnt mock the UK royals for money.
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“Getting Pulled Over In America” Trevor Noah Nails The British 2 days ago   07:34

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