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The northern German city of Kiel lays claim to having the narrowest house in Europe. It's not the smallest - because it does have six stories - but at it's narrowest point,this building is only 80 centimeters wide. Some people might be a bit put off by all the stairs but the owner,architect Bjoern Siemsen,says it keeps him and his family fit. And the view of the city from the top is well worth the climb.

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Suhad Mansour
Brelliant!But please be aware of safety hazard especially the open stairs for children...Allah Bless them..
Rin Vichet
great solutions design ,
Grace Waszkiewicz
This is NOT the narrowest house in Europe. The narrowest one is located in Warsaw,Poland.
Mary Carla
Wow! I'm gobsmacked. What a gorgeous design! He really maximized everything he could but oi yoi yoi, all those stairs. They must have great glutes and good knees!
Art Cloud
Art Cloud says Edna St. Vincent Millay, of Canaan, NY lived in an 8 foot wide house in NYC--Cary Grant lived there too--not at the same time, though--its too narrow. John Blandly and Felicity Jones like Edna.
Rey Rodriguez
I know a house it is narrower than this. I have a video of it in my youtube channel
Karen Smith
Great home!
I love the design, but if I live there, I am not sure with that amount of stairs to climb up and down every day.... Although prob will make the owners fit lol
Felice Vaccaro
Good efficient use of space. Simple and airy volume. I design micro housing units these days and it is very challenging. Congratulation colleague and continue your research n tiny spaces to live in.
steven reid
Cute if your young but to many stairs if your pass 60 lo!
Lucia Benková
The narrowest house in Europe is in Bratislava or Valencia, hard to decide. Check it out guys. :)
Phresh Ideas + Designs
Beautiful design.
Maxx Kroes
I love to design to the available space too.
Pretty AWESOME!! 😄
I want it!
Conrad Sienkiewicz
Poland has the narrowest house. Polska jest najlepsza!
i noticed more and more this kind of efficient things coming out these days.
soldier person
Garrige for garage
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Fast & Easy -- Build a house Video of the day | Narrowest house in Europe 2 days ago   04:21

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