All student debt in the US, visualized Scientists really aren’t the best 2 days ago   05:17

What if all of this debt was canceled? This is what that would look like.

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Student loan debt has increased exponentially in the past few decades. So now, some Democratic presidential candidates propose canceling those debts — all $1.6 trillion of it. But is this a good idea? Who exactly does it benefit?

For more on student loan debt, read this Vox explainer on Elizabeth Warren's plan:

And this explainer on Bernie Sanders's plan:

This piece explains why wonks don't like Sanders's plan:

And to get a wider perspective on the whole debate, Matt Yglesias breaks it down:

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I think an important thing to note is that cancelling student debt is the first step in making some post high school education free. IMO your first two years should be completely free and anyone can sign up. Then, you can apply to pursue a bachelor's degree, and in doing so, state what *career(s)* you want to pursue with said degree. You can change your mind later of course, but you have to at least show that you are thinking about how you would use a bachelor's or higher degree. I see too many students whose parents told them to "go to college" and they have 0 interest being there and have no idea what they're going to do when they graduate. Also, one of my professors when talking about this suggested that instead of erasing all of the debt, simply erase the interest rates. Because by going to college, you then get a much better job, and higher income, meaning higher taxes. So that should be counted as part of your repayment; you should only be responsible for the initial loans, which I can agree with. In that scenario, you just pay it off little by little each month, what you owe never goes up, and people can better manage their monthly expenses this way by having a more predictable payment plan.
My brother left home going to college this morning.
johnny chang
Why not improve the high school education to a level that is technical enough to allow the person graduating a chance to obtain a job in the technological manufacturing and servicing industry?
Truett Calvin
And what about the people who didn’t actually even pay attention or be helpful to the economy and were just there just there to have fun
If she got debt on to the next. No 🧢
Astronaut Ninja
_Elizabeth Warren supported Hillary Clinton in waging wars in the Middle East. Bernie Sanders has A LOT of enemies. Both of them are against UBI and giving every US Citizen $1,000 per month. Bernie always mentions raising the minimum wage but never mentions that the majority of low income jobs today are contract jobs so the minimum wage doesn't even apply to it. Elizabeth Warren said on August 17, 2019 (last night) that automation, especially in Detroit is not actually taking away jobs. She's literally lying into to everyone's faces and people that support her are completely and 100% oblivious. Even though I voted for Bernie in 2016, both of these candidates are candidates of the 20th Century. Neither of them will push the country forward. Stop listening to cable news. Do your research. If you do, and if you're a sane and normal thinking human being, we kinda know where you'll end up with._ *and no, I'm not talking about Trump.*
Courtney Durham
We need to do this for everyone. We have a shortage of doctors in this country and people are choosing not to become doctors in part due to the student loan debt. Doctors need relief too.
Justin Cross
If you are going to rollback student loan debt are you going to give me my money back since I paid mine off?
3.141 59
If they dissolve the student's debts then who is going to pay for it?
Happy medium. Stop interest in all student loans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thats what you get when you put the ability to wage war worldwide, over the well being of your ppl..... no free healthcare, education & a decaying infrastructure..... but hey, who needs educated, happy citcizens when you need mindless soliders for your world wide wars.....
Nah, Godzilla would be a better representation
Molly From Michigan
I don’t understand why we can’t bail out students, we bailed out banks. It seems like a better investment to me. I think Bernie’s plan makes more sense—you shouldn’t get penalized for making more money. It would help the entire country because so many would have more purchasing power. It would immediately stimulate the economy. Millennials would buy cars and houses again.
Sorry, but I don’t think it’s fair to cancel existing student debt. No one forced you to take out student loans. You accepted them as a trade off for receiving a higher education that could put you ahead. I could have gone to a more expensive and prestigious college which would potentially have gotten me a higher salary, but in stead I chose to go to an in state, public university and work throughout college. Now I’m on track to graduate without student loans. Now imagine someone else in my situation chose to go an Ivy League school and take out tens of thousands in student loans, believing that was the better choice in the long run. It’s a trade off. But not if you then go and say they no longer have to pay back the money they borrowed. I can’t go back and retroactively chose the better education nor can I get back the hours I spent working while in school and any GPA points I may have lost because I didn’t have as much time to study. And then there are those less fortunate than me how may have not attended college at all rather than pu themselves into debt.

Perhaps in the future, college should be free. Or at least student loans should have no interest except to cover inflation. However, in my opinion, it is completely unfair to all the people who chose not to take out student loans to retroactively cancel the student debt of people who chose to borrow money and understood that they would have to pay it back.
advocatus diaboli
Smart people do not take out loans they can't pay back
monster hunter pro
1:25 student debt crisis? There’s a lot of people who go to college in America. Kind of unsurprising that it would be that big.
Jacob Barrett
100% of those loans were taken out voluntarily
A Miller
If these people no longer have to put all their money towards debt, they'll be able to take risks on starting local businesses, they'll spend more money on local american made goods, they'll be helping the local economy! Debt forgiveness helps more than just the former students, it helps everyone in their communities! This would be so good for the economy, helping future students pay their way through college and pouring more money into the wellbeing of average folks. I just really wanna see these people who worked so dang hard to have a better life actually be able to live like the other people in their income bracket do, and I want people to be able to afford to spend the kinda money on local small farms and businesses that will actually support them!
Dave Angel
only 30k dollars? *laughs in british*
*Algeria* : Free education for all.
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Scientists really aren’t the best All student debt in the US, visualized 2 days ago   08:15

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