Why Colombia has taken in 1 million Venezuelans Venezuela Collapse Explained 2 days ago   08:30

The border of unity.
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Colombia is currently dealing with a massive wave of refugees coming from Venezuela. Venezuelans are fleeing their home because of a severe economic crisis under President Nicolas Maduro. There are high inflation rates and there isn’t enough food available for people within Venezuela to even eat. Thousands of Venezuelans cross the Simon Bolivar bridge located at Cúcuta every day and Colombia doesn’t seem to be turning anyone way.

This borders episode looks at why Colombia doesn’t turn away these refugees, the shared history of the two nations and how there may be a limit to Colombia’s acceptance of incoming Venezuelans.

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Johnny Harris
Thanks so much to everyone who has tuned in, commented, and shared their excitement for Borders! I'm so thrilled to share this latest season with you. I'll be around in the comments (and the chat before this episode premieres) to take your questions. Let me know what's on your mind. – Johnny
JM Loriaj
Thank u for sharing the love of Columbia to Venezuela😘 touches many hearts. More power to u Johnny. ☺️
Venezuela has a big problem , it's name is USA and TRUMP who want the oil and spend millions of dollars to finish with the Venezuelan people,sorry but English is not my language!
Richard Jackson
I'm sorry, but it makes no sense for Colombia to claim they are being kind to Venezuelans when they are supporting and encouraging those that are creating the economic chrisis that is forcinging Venezuelans to go to Colombia as migrants. It's blatant hypocracy and no different to a country encouraging the wars in the middle East then complaining when those running from the war come as immigrants to their country. It is only a matter of tme before Colombian people will start complaining about the growing problems immigration is causing like European nations started complaining about immigration and the Colombia people will no longer tolerate the lies and behaviour of their government towards Venezuela that is causing the immigration and vote their government out of power as is taking place in Europe. Peace and love
Cherian Thomas
Large heart ted people of Colombia. loved watching this episode. Love from India.
Kevin Ordonez
Why not tell the people why Venezuelans dont have medicine that is do to the embargos nobody can sell to Venezuela that the gods honest truth dont mislead the people
Kevin Ordonez
Dude why not say things how they really are this is all do to our economic embargos that starve people why not say the truth and about colombia why you dont show the Colombian of cucuta who are worst that Venezuelan como i dont agree whith you're work no thank you
Guess Who
SUPPORT MADURO the media is lying......Maduro is another example of what happens if your not with ISRAELand US. They will put sanctions and destroy your country and then blame its leader...Sick but TRUE
Alejandro Montes
Colombia is saving the world
Tahuan Tinsuyo
No mention of the US imposed economic siege on the Venezuelans to starve them into submission. 9,000,000 Venezuelans voted for President Maduro, and nobody voted for our puppet, Guairdo, now the most hated in Venezuela. Even the racist Venezuelan oligarchy hates him because Obama like appearance. Trump makes no secret that he wants to privatize Venezuela's oil company and give it to EXXON and their ilk. Trump declares that Venezuela has no sovereignty. Where have we seen this scenario before? Libya and Syria. Venezuelans must choose. Surrender to Trump, Bolton, and war criminal Elliot Abrams, or seek protection from Russia. What would you do? Venezuela's oil wealth can pay off the entire twenty two trillion dollar US national debt.
Cool Bass
I mean it’s better to live in a camp then not be able to buy a box of cereal
cuba intervene ,rusia started intervene, is time to invade and save the continent
mike c
crime after migration? shocker
Sr Azul
They used to let Venezuleans in Panama but something happend and the Government kicked alot of them out. There are some still here only with Legal documents
Donald Han
oh, it's amazing. i didnt know this fact. there is  old saying in korea, the person who got help by someone should pay it back until the death. Colombians has done it since venezuela economic crisis even though neighboring nations are building the wall on their border. it is wonderful story.  i hope many colombians and venezuelans have better life in the future. and also I hope Maduro's butt is kicked by venezuleans who have been starving for a few days.as reporter says,  Venezuela collapse was  not caused by civil war, but  by the economic crisiss. so, corrupted politicians and businessmen in venezuela should commit hara-kiri like Samurai in japan.
Suzie Q
You can’t say enough is enough! America can’t say it so no one else can either. Really though where do we go when the globalists have turned to whole world into Venezuela?
Generation Babe
Ugh I wish more people from the US spoke Spanish, so many people in the comments here are pleasantly surprised that Johnny speaks Spanish (and even more surprised that he speaks very well). I'm just thinking of the positive outcomes that could come from more non-Hispanic people in the US learning Spanish. It should be required in schools here.
Raymond Woods
Why Venezuela has taken in 5.5 million colombians??
Павел Рудис
Too much lying, can't handle this. Really wish that USA shouldn't do that to this country. Typical Iraq and Libya situation
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Venezuela Collapse Explained Why Colombia has taken in 1 million Venezuelans 2 days ago   24:00

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