Kevin Sorbo Fights the PC Police Christian Actor Kevin Sorbo 2 days ago   08:06

Exclusive to BlazeTV: Parents Night, the first episode of the new TV show The World According to Billy Potwin! Kevin Sorbo stars in a new show confronting the liberal bias in television with its unfiltered, uncensored, and un-PC comedy.

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Home school co-op. Better education, no indoctrination.
Richard Willette
I homeschool my youngemms with The Bible and Prager U videos to prepare them for Trump University
David Hall
God bless Kevin Sorbo
It's fair to say he's very disappointed in the school..
Life in Cali
Exactly why home school is opposite of child abuse
Lori Orciuoli
form of mind control and brain washing our kids and socieity with ungodly perverted warped morals and values
David Lindsey
wow I watched this video and liked it …. but i swear youtube remove it from my liked video's
imnotcreative 22
Where did you go to school Berkeley? lol Berkeley is the worst.
yes .. miserable authoritarian "social engineers" aka. diversity/equity and gender management positions undermining the healthy development of kids by constantly telling them how opressive one group is .. how victimized other groups are how "the patriachy" is holding women back .. how we have to have an ever bigger state apparatus to tell people how to live their lifes (to find jobs for gender studies majors else they'll all have to find jobs outside their field or stay unemployed and in dept)
Joe MassePoes
more please.
News Now Arizona
Republicans and especially christains are sexual predators.
Ken Livingston
This is funny but terrible because it shows the PC police won
How is this video so well received? Forget politics, the acting was straight garbage. I suspect someone is deleting any criticism.
LOL Love it! Ridiculous but true.
Clorox Bleach
I LOVE Kevin Sorbo! He's my hero, especially on Twitter.
Wow! HERCULES is still my fav show! Love this great man. Wish they took it further this was too G rated.
John Ivan Taro
The asian guy goes for the so-called "banned" dessert first. Good to know some of my people hate the SJWs as much as I do.
Jessica Causey
What a gross oversimplification
charles rod
His son in real life is a mess and a terror from what I’ve been told
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Christian Actor Kevin Sorbo Kevin Sorbo Fights the PC Police 2 days ago   03:06

–Actor Kevin Sorbo wants Jews to know that they killed Jesus

–On the Bonus Show: How to market beer, the Olive Garden’s newest stunt, Anheuser-Busch turns a Colorado town blue, more…

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