Kevin Sorbo Fights the PC Police Public Choice Theory: Why Government 1 day ago   08:06

Exclusive to BlazeTV: Parents Night, the first episode of the new TV show The World According to Billy Potwin! Kevin Sorbo stars in a new show confronting the liberal bias in television with its unfiltered, uncensored, and un-PC comedy.

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Wholly Mindless
“Political correctness is America's newest form of intolerance, and it is especially pernicious because it comes disguised as tolerance. It presents itself as fairness, yet attempts to restrict and control people's language with strict codes and rigid rules. I'm not sure that's the way to fight discrimination. I'm not sure silencing people or forcing them to alter their speech is the best method for solving problems that go much deeper than speech.”
― George Carlin, When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops?
Rosehip Of St. Gloriana
Comedy Gold! This shows how bullshit, backwards, and insane the left is.
Justin Minchew
It's LITERALLY like I'm watching the Giver.
Ok I can understand the peanut thing a little because people can be so severely allergic that being near someone eating them can land them in hospital in danger of death, unlike just “hurting feelings”. Only valid in schools where such allergic kids exist obviously.
Asger Høyer
Go Hercules :D If you can defeat a hydra you can defeat PC culture :D i believe in you!!!
That teacher needs a little whoopie.
This is amazing.
steve drygalski
You know its bad when we literally need Hercules to save us lol
martin jeffery
The Believers Journey
Lol it's getting that crazy
The shirts are fitting seeing as how they are teaching a bunch of yellow bellies.
Hercules never disappoints! 😂🙌
jake tripp
God's not dead 4: the middle school. Staring Kevin Sorbo. who died in the first one. This time he is the one defending God.
Craig Ball
Love it!
Miles Lugo
Jarryd Watts
I've always liked Kevin Sorbo. He's was fuckin Hercules and Capt. Dillan Hunt. Now I love him. What a fucking champion. He should have got Andromeda to infect the schools computers and change all their policies. That was great. Thanks Blaze.
Woke From Oz
wow he is a really good actor.
Ser Pounce is Azor Ahai
This generation needs an Al Bundy-esque role model. Sorbo could be that man.
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Public Choice Theory: Why Government Kevin Sorbo Fights the PC Police 1 day ago   33:07

Governments don’t work the way most people think they do. Public choice theory explores how voters, politicians, and bureaucrats actually make decisions. Prof. Antony Davies explains.


Behavioral Economics Ep. 5: What You Need to Know About Public Choice (video): Erika Davies and Prof. Antony Davies give an introduction to public choice economics and describe how insights on human behavior in the private sector can be applied to predict human behavior in the public sector.
Public Choice: Why Politicians Don't Cut Spending (video): Prof. Ben Powell uses insights from public choice theory to explain why politicians, despite what they may promise to voters, rarely cut government spending.
Schools of Thought in Classical Liberalism, Part 3: Public Choice (video): Dr. Nigel Ashford gives a brief overview of the intellectual figures and ideas associated with public choice theory; part of a larger series on schools of thought in the classical liberal tradition.

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