Loot Crates BANKRUPT! Owes Google Stadia Will Cost 1 day ago   11:14

With nearly 250,000 subscribers Loot Crates made a TON of money off of the gaming community. Today, they filed for bankruptcy.


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Wow! Just Like That The Entire Company Folds! They Owe 250,000 Subscribers Products So PLEASE Like & Share This Video To Get The Word Out!
Raptor RSR
Lol rip to all the idiots who bought that
Elemental Demon
Just realised i didnt unsub from them after one i got and i didnt get the last two creights. Guess im out 100 bucks
It's almost like making people pay for a bunch of random cheap shit is not a good business model.
Frederik Mar
"Investor bails Loot Crate out after company goes bankrupt" (look it up)
Samuel J Weber
It was all those Pop Vinyls
Samuel J Weber
Before I get into watching this video, I wanna say that my GameStop has, at one point in time, been stocked with dozens of ThinkGeek boxes of merchanjunk, selling for at least 40% off. Edit: They May still be receiving the boxes due to their vast unpopularity.
Joseph Stalin
Nerd chic is dying and that is a good thing.
Chris Nell
Ya im super pissed im still owed 2 loot crates 2 dx crates 1 gaming crate 2 anime crates 2 deadpool creates 3 fallout crates 3 loot wearables 3 risky business loot wear bundles all 3 lord of the rings crates 1 elder scrolls crate and the $165 batman crate with jacket. Im not getting any responses from the company and am basically butt pounded for almost a grand in crates. Fml
Matt B
Loot boxes in games are bad enough. I don't need them in real life too. Good riddance.
So glad I didn't buy anything I was so tempted to 😅
Brigand Boy
Man... I feel bad for them. I used to sub to them for the Firefly stuff. Got some great shirts out of those crates, as well as a few cool little nicknacks (I still use a keychain Serenity today, and it's years old at this point.)

Sad day, though I knew it would come eventually.
Bruce Wayne
Lootcrate sucked ass from day 1. Only retards bought them. The company saw so many retards and used the opportunity to make bank.... should've got out sooner but got too greedy. Lol
Business today is: do whatever and put out whatever because theres always retards out there who will fall for gimmicks and traps.

Lootcrates deserves what it going through and lootcrate sub deserve what they are going through too. Stupidity has consequences, retards.
I knew this was going to go out of business. It is unreasonable to except people to buy stuff that can only be put on a shelf for longer than couple of months. At some point the fad will fade and people will stop ordering it.
Stephen Crawford
I order my first 2 and only 2 loot crates a couple months ago. They were terrible, only good thing out of them was an alita figure... That's it
Blaze Rocker
Loot Crates ≠ Things you may actually value
Billy Mays loves drugs
*it will help the....uh....visability*

-Jearbear 2019
Josué Veguilla
OUCH!!!!! Loot Crates = GET WOKE GO BROKE
I knew it
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Google Stadia Will Cost Loot Crates BANKRUPT! Owes 1 day ago   16:25

Google Stadia gameplay demo videos have been floating around but the next gen of consoles has something to say. When it comes to too tall desk, it's about looking at things like google stadia and saying, where are the games, or better yet, why? Why should I buy google stadia and will the review cycle actually mirror gamers exeperiences. Google stadia gameplay and exclusives will come or they won't, but does it really matter if no one wants to buy?

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