Why Does the iPad Exist in 2019? Why Do iPods Exist in 2017? 1 day ago   15:16

Austin Evans
Between the iPad Air, mini and Pro is now the right time to buy an iPad?
The base iPad iPad on Amazon: http://austin.tech/ipadipad
The 2019 iPad mini 5 on Amazon: http://austin.tech/ipadmini
The 2019 iPad Air 10.5" on Amazon: http://austin.tech/ipadair
The iPad Pro 11" on Amazon: http://austin.tech/ipadpro

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HEROTUBE Animations
I'm using an iPad 3 to watch this.... I'm getting a 6th gen soon
I'm stupid but,
The ipad air is for if you want the keyboard. It's like if you want the ipad 2018 but with a bit more so you can do better work
1999: Copy paste text in seconds on a pentium one that cost 500 bucks adjusted for inflation

2019: Minutes to select the correct text on a 700 dollar iPad that has 50 times the processing power.
Quinn Matthews
70 bucks more for a smaller iPad. Not in this lifetime. Why would I get an iPad mini which is just a bit bigger than the big iPhone
I ask the same thing about my existence
Ara J
I never owned Ipad till a week ago when my dad gave me a 2017 Ipad pro as a gift and gotta say it is fucking garbage...the OS is like be detained in Guantanamo bay doesn't let you do jack shit , aspect ratio is shittt for watching videos (basically give you like 5 inch window surrounded by black bars) , transfering files to it is a nightmare , doesn't even have file manager and finally the software is clunky mess .....my biggest problem is the display is absolutely garbage , I had galaxy S3 and it had better display
Jackson 1414
Why does Austin Evans beard exist in 2019?
I'm stupid but,
Bye guys, this was austin
I've got an Amazon tablet which is just as good as any of the Ipads and about 1/3 of the cost.
Emerald Christensen
Mini is doomed considering the fold phones are coming ~~
Mac deep
Why does ipads exist in 2019??

Coz no other manufacturers are into tablets so it has no competition & apple can milk the hell out of it to counter the low sells figures of previous years iphones.also it's way better than I phone xr(eXpensively retarted), don't have a horrible notch and one of the few remaining apple products (except new one) that still has a headphone jack.
take a shot every time he says ipad
Why does everyone sound like a QVC salesman and bounce around like beto o'rourke?
Yo the last one is BIG
My iPad Pro 2017 has LTE and I take that thing with me to college everyday. I only use my phone when im moving from place to another. The iPad definitely a laptop replacement imo if you're just web browsing, watching vids, messaging people and doing light casual gaming.
Anurup Gaurab
Thanks Austin. This video helped in my decision. Saved a lot because of the informative video. I bout the “iPad” iPad though- 5th generation. Cost me a 100 dollars less in India just to give up the pencil support and faster processor. For my usage though, processor didn’t matter as much.
I still use the iPad 2 on iOS 6
they should make the mini available in 32gb for $299, laminate the display on the regular ipad, give it the a12 chip, and start it at $399. Then it would be $299 for the 7.9" mini, $399 for the 9.7" ipad, $499 for the 10.5" air, and starting at $799 for the 11" pro. that pricing would make a lot more sense in my opinion... plus, who really needs 64gb standard on an ipad mini?
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Why Do iPods Exist in 2017? Why Does the iPad Exist in 2019? 1 day ago   06:40

Is a $150 iPhone Worth It? https://ufl.ae/videow/ws_wCQbXHDa
Apple still make the iPod touch, iPod nano and iPod shuffle in 2017. But why?
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