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Cobra Kai
Daniel and Johnny are back and their rivalry is bigger than ever. Will Daniel's new Miyagi-Do dojo have what it takes to beat Cobra Kai--or can Johnny keep the dream alive? Don't miss the new season of COBRA KAI coming April 24, 2019 to YouTube Premium.

Music: "Cruel Summer" (cover) by Kari Kimmel

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Hyped Gamer Network
Can’t wait for season 2! Ralph and William are great guys, I had the honor to meet both of them at Megacon a few years ago.
Mario Garcia
Master Ken needs to make an appearance!
Tracy Bounds
And movie producers thought they were gonna remake this saga with Will Smith's son? Foolish children...
Mark Kim
something tells me that Demetri would join Miyagi-Do Karate
Batuhan Soytürk
Bizim çocuğun manitası gitti
run lase
Say Peyton List at the back,I say she is going to be a romantic interest for Diaz.
Wardan Jamal
i think miguel will go God i dont want it to happen but i think it will.. :(
Javier Castillo
Que emoción.
John Staples
Cobra Kai better win again this season
Eric Medel
Who else search for top 10 spin kicks on YouTube just to see Miyagi Dojo Ad.
Arthur LeFebvre
Peyton 🥰
Ghost Omegus
I love how he's trying to change the way of cobra kai but the style is cursed by his former sensei
Everyone was fooled last season with how it ended. But c'mon, ofc Daniel is gonna win in Season 2, there's no way he's not lol
zac loup
Who the bad and who the good 🤯
Gro Soulie Tipie
Like when i can not predict the ending. This one is so unpredictable so far. I like it. You have to watch to see how they twist it.
Oswaldo Aguilar
YouTube did it again!! Yessss
Milky Man Films
Favorite show at the moment
Kyle Trautman
Didn’t really pop lol
Michael Matherne
The core conflict of the story is between someone who thinks of karate as a competitive sport, and a possible way to escape poverty, and someone else who thinks of karate as an extension of a spirituality that is basically Buddhism, even if it's not called that by name.

The thing is, neither of those mindsets is evil. The original movie frames the guys who view it as a competitive sport as the villains, and the guys who view it as an extension of Buddhism-with-the-serial-numbers-filed-off as the heroes. But real life is much more complicated.

The series gets that. Viewing it is a competitive sport is realistically more likely to win you championships, more likely to get your paid, more likely to help you escape poverty. But it risks engendering a toxic masculinity mindset in people, and toxic masculinity causes a lot of suffering. In other words, it carries the same risk that the typical coaching of boxing and football and so forth carry.

Treating karate as an extension of Buddhism(or a vague, unnamed spirituality that might as well be Buddhism) carries much less risk of engendering toxic masculinity, but it does risk making someone as smug and preachy and intolerant as the worst Baptist Preacher. Daniel has no idea just how much of a smug Jerry Falwell type he has become.

The series gets the complexity and shades of grey inherent in both mindsets.
Toretodiego conde
Siiiii Cobra Kai
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Improvised Movie Scenes That First Look Cobra Kai Season 2 days ago   20:26

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