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Cobra Kai
Daniel and Johnny are back and their rivalry is bigger than ever. Will Daniel's new Miyagi-Do dojo have what it takes to beat Cobra Kai--or can Johnny keep the dream alive? Don't miss the new season of COBRA KAI now on YouTube Premium.

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Cruel Summer by: Kari Kimmel

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Cruel summer - goose bumps
Jenna Beatz
Like the show but are the writers and directors intentional about Daniel's pious attitude? I mean will he change? In season two Daniel said Miyagi had "tricks". Mr. Miyagi wasn't tricky or manipulative. He was wise. Daniel isn't wise at all in the show. He's arrogant and using Miyagi's past wisdom as tricks instead of growing in wisdom himself like Miyagi would've wanted him to.
Saddiq Favors
They should let julie come and help daniel bring balance to miyagi do.
The kid fight scenes are the only thing bad in this series.
jose lizarraga
ahora falta que el jhony se cambie de dojo por despecho por la hija de daniel seria bueno ver eso
So Daniel is running the liberal dojo? Got it.
Song please I know it's a cruel summer remix but don't know who the artist is thanks
Mike Nate
If youtube will have season 3 this year i will extend my subscription lol
Mike Nate
Cant wait for season 3!!!!!!!
cobr a kay vai pro inferno nao da pra ver o treiller
Worship Warrior
What's with the all the hate on Miyagi-do?
For Your Consideration
i'm opening my own dojo. the flying dildos.
Jaime Jasmine
Now that's what you call a Proper TRAILER Folks!
Sinead O Neill
Amazing show sooooo much, but I absolutely hate hate HATE Johnny's "best student" Miguel. Miguel is way worse than the young Johnny. He's also incredibly weak 'cos he had to cheat to win.I hate that Miguel character soooooo much. Robbie ftw always and he's way stronger than Miguel
Bri Bri
Why is the soundtrack cruel summer different from this one? I want this one.
Renato Rio de Janeiro
Preciso assinar. É a melhor série.
Jesse Quest
This is a disgrace
Estrading Co
Cobra Kai is the best Tae Kwon Do series.... Dope!!!
Im Actually Exicted To Watch This, The Only Problem Is The Path its taking, There are a numbers of bath this show might be taking

LaRusso Might be bankrupt?
John Kreese might take over Cobra Kai again?
Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence might team up?
Terry Silver Probably Re-new Cobra Kai?
Miyagi-do karate might be taken over by Terry Silver?

There are numbers of possibility in this show...

And thats why i love it!
I watched the first episode ! This is colossal, phenomenal! I understand why it has almost 9.0 on IMDB ! It is the only movie on the planet that uses real footage from the 80' and real footage from 2019, with THE SAME ACTORES ! CREASY ! How much did you filmed in the 80' and HOW MUCH DID YOU ACTUALLY CUT FROM KARATE KID ? THERE ARE DAYS OF REAL FOOTAGE FROM THEN, THE 80' ! I love you people and the smart writers and the whole team !
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8 Famous Celebrities Who Ruined Their First Look Cobra Kai Season 2 days ago   11:56

8 Famous Celebrities Who Ruined Their Careers...
Fame is everything to celebrities, it determines essentially how much they will get paid because the more famous you are the more money you make along with more acting gigs you get. It's just a complete cycle but what happens when you fall out of that cycle? In this video, we break down celebrities who ruined their careers due to poor choices. You will see stars who had it all at one point but now you don't even hear about them anymore.

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