How to Make a Wind Turbine - easy How to Make Vertical Wind Generator 1 day ago   04:11

Sdik Rof - creativity
Hello friends welcome to my channel in this video we learn how to make a wind turbine and we also learn how to make clean energy with help of wind turbine . this video may be helpful for your science project.
Material Required
- 12V DC Gear Motor(300RPM)
- Aluminium Sheet
- Cold Drink Plastic Bottle
- M Seal
- Wire

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Energy Nut
Hello. Look at my idea.
Reema Jain
What's that silver paper
Adrian Petyt
How big an electric motor is needed to act as the generator here? My students have been working all week on a variety of wind turbine models but so far none have generated enough energy to light an LED which is a pity after they've shown so much hard work and ingenuity. I think it's just because they are using the smallest and cheapest toy car motors. We are in Hong Kong so humidity may be a factor, although it is the dry season now.
Идея турбины Дарье или что там за профиль, хорошая, реализация полный шлак
Sourabh Chavan
what material can be used for making the wind blades
Caesar Smith
What are the dimensions of the aluminum sheets?
Revanth Anamala
Me and frnds also made it,as it is in video we are successed
My materials are 15 m seals
Bottlle,wood,1000rpm gear motor,0.2 thickness GI sheet,fevicol,led lights and wires
Shanta Hsieh
I did something similar with Avasva solutions.
Shantay Prueeissen
I made it with Avasva solutions.
Evgen Mozolevski
You can find perfect idea for that on Avasva Solutions website.
Judhisthir Das
Wow I'll like it very much
Syeda Tabassum
It is very good and innovative
is it moving by its self or are you blowing wind to it
do we have to use ,m seal or can we use hot glue or types of glue like that
Can you please tell the measurement of aluminium sheet i need a quick answer
Arhaan Sami
Is it ok to use copper sheet instead of aluminum
Linovi Kiba
I'm doing this for my science fair and it worked thanks bro
Gutes Video! Dieses Musikalische Elektro Plim Plim im Hintergrund sollte man sofort "Stumm" stellen, bevor man Unfruchtbar wird!
Mushraf Sonu
Bro isse 5 led lights glow ho sakti kay
Chris Cleatus
Can you please tell the measurement of aluminium sheet
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How to Make Vertical Wind Generator How to Make a Wind Turbine - easy 1 day ago   04:46

In this video I show you how to make a vertical wind generator.

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