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DeFy Gaming
honestly adrive is better
Bhavesh Nande
wow I didnt knew your server is bomb proof! I am lucky enough to have humyo account :D
copy of dropbox.....
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Make your own "Apple Access Humyo - Online File Storage 4 months ago   04:22

When it comes to repairing a White Intel iMacs & G5 iMacs with iSight you need an Apple Access Card Tool in order to properly take the front panel off of an iMac. Online this card/tool can cost $20-$30 but in this video I will show you how easy it is to make your own for Free.

***Items Needed***
- Card (gift, credit, points card etc.)
- Tongs
- Pot of Boiling Water
- Item to bend cards (ie. empty cd cases)

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-- "iMac Take Apart - Part 1 (Remove Front Panel)"

-- "iMac Take Apart - Part 2 (Remove LCD Panel)"

I would like to point out that if your computer is still under warranty or you have very little or no computer hardware knowledge at all then it's highly recommended to take your Mac to an Authorized Apple Repair Shop. 



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