The problem with sex testing in sports Muhammad Ali's biggest fights 1 day ago   12:10

Caster Semenya’s court case is the latest chapter in a long and confusing history.
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This spring, the Court of Arbitration for Sport upheld rules imposed by the International Association of Athletic Federations (IAAF) limiting the participation of female athletes with high levels of testosterone. On the other side of the decision was Caster Semenya: a South African runner who has repeatedly been penalized by sports officials throughout her career. The IAAF has gone through many iterations of their female regulations throughout the past decade, and Caster Semenya has been targeted with each successive policy. Most recently, the regulation has been a testosterone limit of five nanomoles per liter.

Throughout the past decade, the media has been following Semenya's story closely and shaping a narrative that is often misguided or inaccurate. In this video we piece together the underlying issues relevant to sex testing in sports and contextualize them within the long history of scrutinizing female athletes. By covering the controversy surrounding 2016 women’s 800 meters Olympic gold medalist Caster Semenya, along with historical events concerning Polish sprinter Ewa Klobukowska and Indian sprinter Dutee Chand, the goal is to help explain how athletic officials have repeatedly failed in their attempt to establish definitive sex testing regulations for female competitors.


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Zeek M
Sports is the problem.
Nephrey Gabriel Donasco
So Kawhi is a woman now?
Trey DeJesus
the strongest woman in the world is no where near as strong as the strongest man in the world, transgender females have an inherent unfair advantage and that is just a fact, no one is talking about transgender males because they don't possess the same hormonal advantage, if you honestly think that it is fair to women to allow transgender women to shatter athletic records then that is on you
melissa Lim
testing would only commence for those who look suspicious (basically those who look manly)??? That is neither science or fair.
natalie giordano
as a runner myself, this case makes me disgusted
steven Huncho
Austin James
10:02 what’s a xe and ze
ivan martin
Future lookin .
kevin chen
Lady Boys get ready to compete in the women sports
After listening to "her" and looking at the "adam's apple" it's pretty clear there's something funny going on...
Alisha K
lol notice how the athletes affected are black, the IAAF is racially discriminating these athletes because the europeans are not winning anymore because they’re not as fast as these black athletes. if you’re going to praise a white man on his genetic differences allowing him to excel at his sport why wouldn’t you do the same for black women? all people seem to do is praise white people for stuff but scrutinise black people for the same thing.
You so right. 🚀
Kaheim Sewell
Tht is a whole man
What song at 7:02
Mary Dambudzo Rwezuva
The allegations could also be racist
Marcela n_n
For me she is a dude
Jacob Hall
Need an example of a link between high testosterone and performance? Just look at the nba and wnba
deeptendu chandra
9:54 fox news...of course
Garvey Smith
Thanks for preparing this. Informative and is supportive of athletes.
Der Panda
Easy solution, create a non-binary category so trans and intersex people can continue to compete.
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Muhammad Ali's biggest fights The problem with sex testing in sports 1 day ago   08:29

Ali didn’t just shake up boxing. He shook up the world.

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