"Don't Lose Your Accent Trevor Noah - Some Languages 1 day ago   07:14

Trevor Noah
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ToUgH LoVe
Pyramid in the back
My brother sold his Sack
kevin mark
Why u want free things on free things ? Love that one .
James Forrest
This dude is funny
nomthandazo ncube
"Ohhhh Trevor,why don't you speak properly" 😂
Juga Shoki
Trevor you must return the favour by talking to some of your fans there are some who ha e great project ideas you need to head them so in a joking way don't be Greedy l
Tobias Schneider
0:40 that sounds like a mix of Welsh and Australian english 😂
robert ochieng
If South Africa has a tourism board, which I'm sure they must, they really ought to put Trevor on a retainer.
عائشة سالم
I speak English Spanish and Arabic I love my accent when speaking is a telling I speak more than one language.
Liz Adrienne Garcia
Thank you for coming to Trevor's TEDtalk
5 Everything
Its a free YouTube video you greed, why u want free things😂😂😂😂
שגיא עבאדי
Lol shallva is peaceful in Hebrew😂
Can we get 1000 subscribers with one video?
this is amazing lol hahahaha
Kull TV
Is he an actor who play in "God must be Crazy"?
Vorname Nachname
Illuminati Stage
Zak Ezrifi
Great Stuff
Verdeil Cyprien
Trevor, I'm French and I lived in SA, when we went to restaurants my father was talking exactly like you did trying to pronounce the boerewors ;)
Eva Cukjati
Try Slovenian 😉
Kronical Journey
hes got big ears,
cleanshot games
This video was great
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Trevor Noah - Some Languages "Don't Lose Your Accent 1 day ago   05:44

Trevor Noah from the Daily Show on how some world languages can be pretty scary. Trevor Noah stand up from the Just For Laughs Festival in 2015. Subscribe: http://bit.ly/1ShFiDP
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