Kid's, Make a Toy Pizza for the Paw Patrol! Jannie & Uncle Pretend Play 2 days ago   04:49

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Kid's, Make a Toy Pizza for the Paw Patrol! In this preschool learning toy video for toddlers and kids, let's make a pizza for the Paw Patrol pups. Toddlers will learn food names, how to follow instructions, and cooking concepts for kids! The Paw Patrol pups are hungry for toy pizza, let's use our Melissa and Doug Pizza oven to cook food for our pups!

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Jannie & Uncle Pretend Play Kid's, Make a Toy Pizza for the Paw Patrol! 2 days ago   03:34

Uncle brings Jannie a toy pizza playset and they start playing with it together. Jannie learns the name of pizza toppings and then places them on the pizza.

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