Twitter throwing cheese on their Learn How Baby Kittens Grow: 2 days ago   10:26

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lol i thought this was funny

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to be clear: this video took very little effort but I still thought this was too funny not to share
consequentially I've monetized it as little as possible (no midrolls, and you shouldn't see any ads before the video)
but for the algorithm to pick it up I have to at least do sidebar ads and make the length 10+ minutes for good measure
any revenue generated past that will be donated to The Anti Cruelty Society (
Swaggy Boi
What a poor fat cat at 2:50. Looks like the owners throw cheese at it on a daily basis.
Swaggy Boi
*It is just like one asian dude on the internet once told me : cats and cheese are a wonderful combination*
ahh nicee
2:37 that was defenitly Not cheese
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Catalina Labate
cats: disgusting. i hate you. i hope you choke with that same slice of cheese.

dogs: *throw another one please*
Carolina Demetria
The yellow lab ate the cheese before it landed on him 😂😂😂😂
Half of me feels kinda bad for them and the other half can't get over how hilarious it is
Debby Dares
Why do I love this?
yeah that first cat is a big mood for me
Alex Noble 2002
5:50 Cheesehead Brownpants
Me : throws big block of cheese

Cat : *_DIES_*
Lawrence L.
The Stupidest things...become viral sensations. Throwing cheese at a baby or pet......Planking....twerking your butt, etc etc.....that's why I'm generally grumpy and hate people, dumb masses.
catty cat
The humans are a strange creature indeed
Ember The Wolf
2:22 OM *F* G. HUSKY. HUSKY! HUSKY!! *HUSKY!!* *H U S K Y!!!!!!!!!*
Aralyn McIntire
There's always that one cat that always eats the cheese and doesn't even care that someone just threw a piece of cheese on there face
MaxZilla Gaming
I kinda thought animals always enjoyed food being thrown at them. Rip lol
some shitty youtuber
If you run the cheese under some water it gets stickier
david kutosi
0:06 "i seen this challenge you aint putting cheese on me today bitch"
Larry ordaz
1:28 I'm dead 🤣
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Learn How Baby Kittens Grow: Twitter throwing cheese on their 2 days ago   20:03

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