Single Girl Tries The 100-Baby DIY CLOTHES HACKS || Fashion Hacks 2 days ago   39:33

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Kelsey is back to play the Sims 4 and continues the very long, and very popular 100-baby challenge with part 10! Kelsey and Chelsea have surpassed their first 10 children and are celebration with a family Vacation! But it seems nothing can ever go right for the Impiccishmay family.
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Game: The Sims 4, Electronic Arts


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Олеся Попова
Привет русский.Пока англичане
Layah Anderson
My grandmas cousin I think she babysat Mary Kate and Ashley
Acidic Jerk
35:42-35:46 is me at family get togethers
Bella Prokop
Wait so in the Sims u can have a baby with a person of the same gender
Bella Prokop
Can u plz name a baby girl Bella. And for a boy Bryce
Kristina Dubois
Can u please name a baby liv or jake
Gymnast 10
Kelsey you should have named the babies rosé and whiskey
Milo McCabe
Katie because it’s my name I use my brothers account
Milo McCabe
Katie because it’s my name I use my brothers account Kelsey Kelsey I think is the best name no name
Milo McCabe
Katie because it’s my name I use my brothers account
Ava Rae
How many likes this gets is how many baby’s Chelsea will have!!
Ava Rae
Rip ros’e 😭😭💔
Megan Cowie
Joey, Kelsey, megan, emily, tom. Thor and loki if two boy twins. Thor, loki and hela if triplets, two boys and one girl
Angela Morales
We need a merch of the children’s names

Liek “Olive The Best Child”
Amba Grant
Name one Imogen if it’s a girl or Robyn and if it’s a boy Damien or Phillip
Oof Yoof
How did a baby even happen. If the Sims 4 was a reality, Chick fil a is not doing a good job with its anti-LGBTQ awareness. Please help me understand how a women got another women pregnant.
3PCM3 games
I knew she would go in labor on their vacaton
Ok is it just me or does every person who she woohoo’s with, ends up cleaning something? Like right after
Alexcia Spivey
If you have another girl you should name her lexi
Girl- Cherry, Wren, Caimesly
Boy- Thor, Gregory, Steven
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DIY CLOTHES HACKS || Fashion Hacks Single Girl Tries The 100-Baby 2 days ago   10:32

If you’ve ever had fashion emergencies, we’ve got some great quick fix-it tips that can save the day, and your dignity.

Grab a pen and paper, you’ve got some DIY clothing hacks comin’ at ya!

Instead of replacing clothing at the first sign of wear and tear, why not use these clothing hacks to keep your clothing fresh, fixed and free!

0:01 Easy way to mend a ripped seam
1:05 How to fix a snag in a sweater
2:42 Sneaky way to hide money
3:24 How to fix a broken jeans button
5:12 From shirt to bodysuit
7:19 Cozy slippers out of socks
8:13 How to pack clothes in a backpack and save space

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