iPhone 11 vs CAR 1 Million Orbeez + Swimming Pool 1 day ago   02:14

WARNING! Dangerous Crash Test, don´t Try this by yourself!! EXPERIMENT: iPhone 11 VS CAR

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Intro by Sphinxcorp

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Amanda Porkka
Thears like a miljon kids thats starving and you just vana
1:00 SOLID MASTI 🔥🔥🔥
Sandesh Rijal
Who is the winner?
I am pretty sure children would not not like your videos... Cause you are crushing their toys 😂😂
غفران وسيدرا العبد
مش حرام شوفو الله شو رح يعمل فيكن
Mariah Howard
Why do your videos always glitch
Marioly Gil Garcia
Y yo que quiero un teléfono
Yeni Nurfadillah662
Eweh gawe pisan😒
gajju mahesh
Give me thish i phone 11
Try that so many eggs and car
Suleman king
Kamal Zaidi
Hahaha. Man you replace the orginal with clone while placing it on tire
Bilal Khan
Oh my😱 good news oh
Aqilah Z
Saya nak beli iphone11 pun tak mampu😢,tapi pelik tak saya mampu beli iphone12😅 tu pon sebab happy birthday gift
Lita Ari
So fuckyou
Iulian Dinca
Te rog nu mai pot cu telefoane cu iPhone 10 te rog Nu mai fă De ce la e spart
Adam Balasy
You down men.
___ Superwoman ___
So awful to watch food getting destroyed like this people are dieing due to malnutrition and look at you
ابو هيثم
ليش تكسر الجوال ارسله لي نفسي بجوال 😂
_Raz6zer_ TV
Why food???
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1 Million Orbeez + Swimming Pool iPhone 11 vs CAR 1 day ago   07:22

This is what happened when we added one million orbeez to our swimming pool and jumped off the trampoline into it.

Watch as we add 1 million non-toxic, eco-friendly water gel beads to pool, let them grow, then jump in and swim in a pool full of orbeez. The orbeez trampoline jumps are also oddly satisfying after filling a pool with orbeez. This video shows you how to do a trampoline jump into a pool of orbeez.

Also watch the video where we freeze our trampoline and crack the ice by jumping on it: https://ufl.ae/videow/TJ_f_J1ta1a .

And the video where we make a sled out of frozen orbeez: https://ufl.ae/videow/OOLxOMFhz6w

Watch and subscribe to the Minnesota Cold Weather Experiments and How To Video: http://www.youtube.com/nziegler .

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