Here's Why the Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro Is an Awesome Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road vs Chevy 1 day ago   20:47

Doug DeMuro


The Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro is an awesome midsize truck. Today I'm reviewing this Tacoma TRD Pro to explain why, and I'm going to show you all around this Tacoma TRD Pro. Then I'm going to drive the Tacoma TRD Pro to explain how it handles on the road.


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Doug DeMuro
FYI - I accidentally left off the Jeep Gladiator from the DougScoring at the end. I prefer the Gladiator over the Tacoma TRD Pro, and the Gladiator has a higher DougScore (24 + 33 = 57); I simply forgot about the Jeep when I was scoring the Tacoma.
George Collins
Doug the type of guy to say two thousand nineteen instead of twenty nineteen
5 Reasons I HATE the Tacoma: (Totally Legit)

1. Still uses DRUM Brakes in 2019!
2. It’s Ugly!
3. Made in Tijuana, Mexico
4. Lacks Torque
5. Driven by ISIS terrorists 👳‍♀️
Justin Fontaine
Extremely uncomfortable seating position for me. It's like sitting on a sled. That alone killed it for me.The reason that it is "old and new" is because Toyota does not want to spend the money fully updating their trucks. The Tundra ( which I owned) is horribly dated. Same with this and the 4runner. They are very durable and reliable. I never had one issue with my Tundra in 10 years. If your going to do heavy off-roading this is the choice. I do not so I got the Honda Ridgeline. Better payload capacity, drives like a luxury car and the interior and features blow this away for the same money. No it does not tow quite as much ( but most never tow anything) and it is not going to go boulder climbing but in every other way it's a better value. Better acceleration and MPG as well.
Chris G
Guess you just decided my first vehicle.
Christopher Wood
Help share this video about this guy who got COMPLETELY SCREWED by Toyota!
C Man
How in the world is this Truck rated 49 out of 100 this clown is on ass crack ...
Dwayne Hancock
That's my Dream Truck but I like that Orange/Copper Color. Wish they'd bring back a Manual Transmission too.
Christopher Waits
ECT is Electronically Controlled Transmission. It changes the shift points and holds gear longer before downshifting
tacoma's are good in this way doug, yes it may lack of some gadgets but those are making it reliable
i would understand merc or bimmer not having electronic parking brake or memory seats but unlike those this is a pickup plus you expect this to last 20 years with minimum care
TKR Entertainment
Would prefer a Ranger, but its just so expensive and so old! This is much better.
Lorenze Lomallo
Ron Swanson
Is getting a Toyota worth it? Someone just give me a straight honest answer because I want this but I always hear bad things about Toyota
Kenneth Sim
I rather have manual seat adjust. My Benz driver side seat will not recline past up past 45deg
Mack Grant
ECT Power=electronically controlled transmission power
“Gold standard” gives it a 45
Durability should be at least a 9/10
When the hell did average become 3/10
"Cool factor: these trucks are REALLY cool right now.. 5/10" 😆
Scott W.
Tacoma = weak C channel frame, rear drum brakes, weak V6 and Toyota Tax.
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Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road vs Chevy Here's Why the Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro Is an Awesome 1 day ago   09:35

Our Tacoma crawl control video has received muck skepticism about the technology and the truck's capabilities. This video puts that argument to rest.

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