Patrick Mahomes Is Lost with 1000 IQ Football Plays 2 days ago   01:17

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Patrick Mahomes is lost without football for the next 6 months 😢 #GridironHeights

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Jack Off
Baker got his voice!!!

...they grow so fast :'(
But we have AAF...
Garvzen Games
Anybody see the post it note on Kyler Murray?

You can have him.
- Baseball
Kevin Donaldson
Oh god no 0:35
“Now you gotta fill this one up.” Lmfao. He just might.
Menlo does thingz
Well we have AAF right?
Gridiron should do pre season and draft as well man :( gonna miss it so much
sub to Will need and unsubscribe from Morgz mum
I can't be a mentor I'm only 38 years young
zj13 Goat
Guys I have a prediction Patriots go undefeated and play the giants in the super bowl and beat eli manning. And gridiron heights will show superman aka tom brady defeating lex luther aka eli manning
Dylan Nichols
0:39 “Dog masks and other lame gimmicks” 😂
Mr. Milko
Kyler murray
King Amen-Tut-Ankh
We can finally retire haha it only took me 20 some years and a shit ton of bs calls ref help cheating being caught several times and proven time and time again but we did it we can finally say we are the greatest hahah stfu
the Stanley family
Mcbean who is it
KTown_ Bassin
We need an episode with all the rookie players having the baby voice
The sign that says “we all would’ve lost to the patriots in a less boring way” 🤣 Also Sean Payton had me dying
james forbes
We need gridiron heights middle school for the Aaf
Spooky Fool
Gridiron AAF
Seven Eleven
That ‘Welcome to the Journeymen turned out super accurate’ 😂😂😂😂😂
Chad M
Few explanations for dumbies 🤓
-Saints coached is pissed since the last 2 years they missed the Super Bowl
-Flacco joins Fitz and his QB controversy crew since he sucks but does good enough to get the money (he’s being sent to Denver)
-Eagles pick Wentz... who may be injury prone now, also Foles at the bus stop upset with Todd Gurley on a missing poster since he wasn’t 100% in the Super Bowl and barely played
-Mayfield and Darnold proves to be decent quarterbacks, Rosen was awful so he doesn’t grown up, it’s worth noting in EP1 this season Rosen called the other rookies mistakes, he was the biggest failure lol
-Bell and Brown both left the Steelers because they don’t like Ben. Also with the Pats at six rings the Steelers are no longer the franchise with the most rings.
-Kyle Murray decides to go for Football instead of Baseball, while nobody knows what Eli truly thinks about him wanting to be a Giant, management assumes Eli is fine. Also the reason for the tire tracks is because the Jets and Giants share the house
Ashi Cards26
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1000 IQ Football Plays Patrick Mahomes Is Lost with 2 days ago   08:40

SONG IN BIO Red Eyes by Soleil Bashale (linked below)

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