Patrick Mahomes Is Lost with Tom Brady’s Quest to Rush for 1,000 1 day ago   01:17

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Patrick Mahomes is lost without football for the next 6 months 😢 #GridironHeights

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Noah Lin
Wait, is gridiron heights actually ending!!😱
Shaun-Mukh Puppala
Yo when this coming back
KamiKaze Chameleon
“I can’t be a mentor. I’m 38 years young!”
rippetoe 38
YeS! I aM A mAN tOo.

- Josh Rosen
Malcolm Connors
0:58 next on the muarry show:
In the case of 21 year old Kyler, Eli

Your NOT the mentor!!!
I can’t be a mentor I’m 38 years young
Donut Productions
Now we make a cfl one
Allyson Clark
We would of F**king won 😡
NoW u GoT To WaTcH BaSkEt BalL
Nova Saint
We would've f*cking won

Take care of him
Loren Shone
0:02 gotta fill this one up
Craig Jackson
The foreshadowing of eli wondering were is Odell is insane
Shantel Hilliard
Who else thought Patrick mahomes' voice was hilarious
Eli’s character is lowkey one of the best 😂
Kyler Murray to the Giants did not age well.
James Grinstead
Who came here to see Brady get his 6th ring tonight?!
Well, Eli and Kyler isn’t going to happen

Like to see how they can put Jones in these
An all New England-based NFL would have the Jets and Giants in Fairfield County, the Redskins in Boston, the Raiders in the cheapest area of the region or where they would get subsidized, etc. you name the rest
Aaron imbragulio
Eli retire
zach witt
Lmao Murray to the Giants... if only they knew...
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Tom Brady’s Quest to Rush for 1,000 Patrick Mahomes Is Lost with 1 day ago   06:51

New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady, is on a quest to reach 1,000 rushing yards even if they are just quarterback sneaks.

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