HUGE Russell Westbrook Trade Tacko Fall Makes NBA Players 2 days ago   10:03

HUGE Russell Westbrook Trade Update! Los Angeles Lakers Sign Avery Bradley - NBA Free Agency News

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W.T.C 1990
The Lakers are a second round out
SliferNinjaDragon Kid
Griffin Roberts
Avery Bradley sucks
Chewbacca Flocka Flame
We are by far in the best shape since our last rings b2b in 2009/2010 wit Mamba, Bynum, Pau, MWP, DFish, Lamar, Ariza, Shannon Brown etc. Hands down. Fuckin decade ago man.. ive been a fan since when Kobe was becoming a rising star in the late 90s as a kid, watching games wit my pops. Fuck the dumb shit, the critiques and sidenotes. This the Rise of the Phoenix we back in this and hungry. Been waiting for this ...God Bless my Lakers 💜💛
Self Promotion Police
He just got traded to the rockets and for cp3 and future draft picks
Garrell Smith
Had nothing to do with Westbrook trade
adalberto rios
The Knicks could trade for westbrook and both team get good teams
Gamer Gamer
Westbrook’s heading to mami
Golden Kingdom
Someone please explain how I just got a notification- not a recommendation a NOTIFICATION! for this video *2 DAYS AFTER IT WAS POSTED!!* And I never even subscribe to this channel
Filip Gasic
Imagine thinking that kawhi finessed someone. Lakers are totally finessed with AD, boogie, and with greatest player of all time lebron. Totally finessed btw
Michael Price
Take some time and practice your script. You have great content but I can't stand listening to someone fumble through a video. Just my opinion. Take it easy
Reanne Saldana
wherever russ go, im just glad that nba is now balance
ecounter of the 3rd kind
Lebron stays getting people paid tha5s some real shit
Joel Dela Torre
Westbrook has talent but can he inspire as leader in his team for champions hip
Darnisha Ledbetter
I think westbrook is going 2 the Heat wit Jimmy Butler
James Montgomery
The Greek freak and Westbrook Not the heat
Yungg Benjii
Finally another jabari parker fan I also been watching him since Mac Irvin Fire and Simeon he still can be good its just a slow start hes gonna get it I love him no homo tho lol
I wonder why when lebron make superteam nobody cares... But when other teams making superteam its a very big deal to them.... Mmmm
patrick y
I didn't realize how much Avery Bradley looks like Kharey Wise ( Central Park 5)
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Tacko Fall Makes NBA Players HUGE Russell Westbrook Trade 2 days ago   04:49

Tacko Fall Makes NBA Players Look Like Kids In 2019 NBA Summer League! Celtics vs Cavaliers 2019 NBA Summer League | July 8, 2019 NBA Season

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