The Donbass War: Every Day (So Far) Israel vs Iran: How would their 10 months ago   02:32

Three years ago in 2014 war broke out in East Ukraine, causing a massive conflict that has yet to be resolved, but fighting has slowed down in recent months.

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Reverse communist
Remember, No Separatists
Crimea is Türkish
lazap 5
Кто живет в донецке лайк
"Whoever betrays his own people has no future."
Andrey Irving
Donbass is Northern Israel!
Update, please.
изи имя
Такой не осведомленности ситуацией на украине я не видел давно.
I really hope Ukraine get his terretory back.
Hello from DPR (Donetsk). This war is still here. 2019.
front-line settlements are under fire, the cities quite calmly. Рeople are used to and live an ordinary life
why haven't they shifted? I thought a stagnant front in modern war was back-and-forth's not a front remaining dead still. (this is a genuine question)
Oleksii Derkach
Putin - Khuilo!!!!
Oleksii Derkach
Russian is agressor-country!!!
Ol Pet
Только холопы РФ думают, что Крым русский, а бояре (банкиры, сотовики, сетевики,портовики и т.д.) не с вами.... Ибо знают конец этой истории.... Скрепитесь и подыхайте в нищете.... Они нес вами, как и весь мир....
Everyone knows Crimea is Malaysian.
Cornelius Tacitus
Russia almost failed them. They left their guys out there to die and face capture, trial, humiliation, incarceration, and death, ALMOST. But in the end, they reciprocated ethnic kinship with the full power of the Russian Army.
οοsis mix
Russia 🇷🇺 🥰
Legendary Balkan
Are the frontlines still the same in 2019?
Lohvitskii Mapper
Crimea is Ukraine!
Pytlenko Olexandr
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Israel vs Iran: How would their The Donbass War: Every Day (So Far) 10 months ago   15:45

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The video shows the balance of military force between Israel and Iran, concentrating on missile and air strike options for both sides. It also explores what sort of damage could one side do to the other and who would be the overall winner.
For complete overview of two sides' armament inventory, check out the Forces comparison video:

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