The Donbass War: Every Day (So Far) Israel vs Iran: How would their 8 months ago   02:32

Three years ago in 2014 war broke out in East Ukraine, causing a massive conflict that has yet to be resolved, but fighting has slowed down in recent months.

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Nazar Galchyshak
ДНР ЛНР буть ти проклятий
Ricardo Pontes
Slava Ukraïni !
meteora maidan
Updated for up to 2019
Имя Фамилия
Comrade Dawid
Can you do a part 2 or a update if any more important battle occur?
Ethanmatrix 8
What's the song playing?
Laspi Group
Crimea and Ukraine is Russia.
Ничтожное Ничтожество
Times change: Ukranian nationalists were fighting alongside Russians in Transnistian War,then they were fighting against them in Chechen War I,and now they are fighting against "liberators" of their motherland. So,neutral at first,evil at second,good/neutral at third,I guess?
Take a Hint
Crimea is actually *Indonesian* so everyone shut up
Joseph Burke
This war started long before 2014. It started during Soviet times when Russians were encouraged to emigrate to the other Soviet republics with an eye towards a day when the USSR may no longer exist. With substantial pro-Russian enclaves scattered throughout the former Soviet states, it would be simple for Moscow to foment civil wars in the former Soviet republics and bring them back together under Russian control. That is what is happening here and it will spread to other places outside Russia with large Russian populations. That was also the reason for the war with Georgia, to bring the lands occupied by ethnic Russians back to Russia. Gee, that sounds kind of like Hitler's reasons for occupying Czechoslovakia, Poland, Austria, and a number of other places.
Conner Tuthill
Donetsk me why, but this video is awesome.
Ink Soldier
can't believe I actually live here.
Yuri Antonov
When Putin really enters, the whole blue territory will turn yellow.
Pash Warrior
What is music name?
blood wolf prevails
I live in Ukraine relatively close to the front line around 80 km away from where it got closest to me
So basically ukraine had to give up some land
твое мнение
Автор, дякую за відео!
Viva La-la-la
О, привет ребята. Кто ещё с Донбасса пришел просмотреть как у нас тут каждый день всё было?XD
Please do an updated version
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Israel vs Iran: How would their The Donbass War: Every Day (So Far) 8 months ago   15:45

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