The Donbass War: Every Day (So Far) Israel vs Iran: How would their 5 months ago   02:32

Three years ago in 2014 war broke out in East Ukraine, causing a massive conflict that has yet to be resolved, but fighting has slowed down in recent months.

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Казимагомед Ханмагомедов
"Crimea is Ukraine
"Crimea is Russia"
ENOUGH!!!!!! Why you choose future for Crimea, if you don't live in here. Let's Crimea's people choose their future!!!!!!
L'unico e irripetibile Torrisi
0:23 was that a subliminal message?
tRonald Dump
Lots of Neo-Nazis vs Neo-Nazis in this war.
Nathan Kilpatrick
I vote Ukraine! Oh wait, the Left doesn't let you vote...
Marker _
Honestly I was just looking at the different sections of the map towards Poland, Slovakia & Romania & calculating just how much land Ukraine stole... actually hey, why not give Ukraine some specific Eastern Territories, Belarus & Russia, and as a Trade off they give back the West
Selman Dev
Luhansk is india
Johnny A
Where did you get your sources?
GreciAwesomeMan GreciAwesomeMan
Poor Ukraine did not do anything wrong to Russia, so sad, support from Croatia to Ukraine
Kretes #StopACTA2
Crimea is Uganda
Август Августовский
Я исколесил Донбасс, Шо?
Sexy XxMa0ZeDONGxX
Where do you get the info for these maps?
Самая великая война в истории человечества,Жмышенко Валерий Альбертович даже потерял там ногу((
aaron labate
Vladimir Leninist Putin = 666
Support Ukraine from Korea! If there was no Russia, there was no Korean War!
But the war still going...
Kyryl Kachura
slava Ukraini! Hlopci, hto ukrainec pleas subscribe
Jagd Panther
Update please
Y Kh
Англоязычные комментаторы ещё более дебилы чем хохлы
0:17 Russian forced did NOT enter Ukraine. There are no Russian army in Ukraine. That's when the Separatists were supplied by the russians. They got several thousand crates of weapons and ammo, T-72 tanks, BMP-2's, rocket launchers, artillery cannons, anti air missiles, katyusha trucks, etc etc. This is why they gained territory.
delma 722
Слава Україні
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Israel vs Iran: How would their The Donbass War: Every Day (So Far) 5 months ago   15:45

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