The Donbass War: Every Day (So Far) Israel vs Iran: How would their 6 months ago   02:32

Three years ago in 2014 war broke out in East Ukraine, causing a massive conflict that has yet to be resolved, but fighting has slowed down in recent months.

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RRUSKI - z krwi i kości POLAK
go DONBAS AND LUGHANSK !!! go for you freedom !!!! POLISH NATIONALIST IS WITH YOU !!!! our goverments is dichkeads but normal people support you fight for freedom ! I HOPE YOU WIN AND YOU CHILDREN WILL LIFE IN DIFEREND GOOD TIMES. blees slavic brothers
Mikhail Eskov
Антон Волков
Чем-то напоминает 1941-1945 так сказать
Ryan Cundy
@EmperorTigerstar how do you make these videos?????
Don't worry Ukraine. Ukraine calls and NATO will awnser your aid. Crimea and other parts will be restored back to Ukraine and the Russian horde will get destroyed.
Brain Show
Украина победит
Ильдар Салаватович Гафаров
А существует ли такое же видео про историю Украины? Можно найти про любую страну но у Украины просто нет истории))))
Jagd Panther
Is there any real change since then?
Jessie Lorah
So what next about war?
How about Cold War (1947–1991) , The Spanish Civil War 1936-1939, or Northwest Indian War 1785–1795
dawidos 187
I wish one day poland will get back lost teritores stealed by ukrainians
mr oleg
хотите узнать чей Крым ??? зайдите на сайты русских банков !!! они точно скажут чей Крым :)
Narek Gabrielyan
Russia it's trash and mordor!
No war !!🇷🇺♥️🇺🇦♥️🇧🇾
S. Alexandrov
Игнат Магнат
По сути ведь крошечные территории
Thank you for such a video
Courage dog
Every hour on Ukraine territory, google maps and international treaty its nothing i guess?!🇺🇦😠
German Stelmakh
Перемога з нами
slon zlon
Carla Broderick
Important video which answers question as to how much territory where has been lost.
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Israel vs Iran: How would their The Donbass War: Every Day (So Far) 6 months ago   15:45

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The video shows the balance of military force between Israel and Iran, concentrating on missile and air strike options for both sides. It also explores what sort of damage could one side do to the other and who would be the overall winner.
For complete overview of two sides' armament inventory, check out the Forces comparison video:

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