The Worst NBA Predictions of All Time NBA's Top 5 Worst Draft Picks 2 days ago   23:08


Steven A. Smith: *violently hollering his ill-advised opinion*

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Yeah uhh..this was supposed to be a light lil 10 minute video but man’s got a little carried away. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this extra spicy episode today. Hope y’all enjoy! 💯

Stick around until the end and let me know who you think had the worst prediction!
Idiotic Tirades
This just shows they don't know any more than we do. They just happen to have a platform. Now if you need somebody to explain the game a guy like Paul Pierce would be fantastic but making predictions not so much.
BasketBall Official
Cam reddish is going to be the steal of the draft
I like Colin Cowherd and Steven A. Smith but these predictions are pretty bad. LOL
You can’t even blame Stephen A Smith for some of those💀 Miami shoulda won in 2010 Ray Allen hit an amazing shot in 2012 and who wouldn’t pick the Warriors in 2016😂
Yam G
Never bet with stephen a
You gotta add Paul Pierce's take on the bucks raptors series after game 1 😂
Otis Whaley
This mans
Cr Outdoors
The Lebrun and Jordan thing is true Jordan would win
Tine Bec
Did Gilbert really write the letter in Comic Sans MS? Barf.
Captain Abridged
The sax. How refreshing to hear.
Seymour Butts
Let's see Kobe play A baseball and draw a crowd
Dane Ibsen
why did i jump a little when he said "what's up everybody" after the black screen hahaha
Aka Paul Pierce & Colin Herd lowlight reel
Jay Make
I blame Howard for being an influencer towards Durant going to the Warriors lol. Everything he said, Durant said “ok bet” just to prove him wrong lol
Joshua Bartie
15:05 wrong Kyrie won them a championship. Quit swinging on Lebron nuts
Joshua Bartie
Lebron isn’t what y’all think he is on the court. Michael can still beat him
423 Life Edmonds-Thomas
I miss cari champion n that crew. Best crew!! Nothing is better than Skip n Stephen A
Gregory Lee
Bro’ stop the bad music. Can’t hear the voice over. Please.
DeJai Jones
The 1st guy knew KD was going to the warriors before everyone else and had to lie to the media lmao 🤣
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NBA's Top 5 Worst Draft Picks The Worst NBA Predictions of All Time 2 days ago   07:18

My personal list of the worst draft picks since 2009
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