Timothée Chalamet Once Locked Sandra Bullock Had No Problem Yelling 2 days ago   05:00

Timothée Chalamet told a hilarious story to Ellen about a prank he once played on his mom that left her naked and locked outside on a cruise ship balcony. Plus, the "Beautiful Boy" star admitted that going to Hollywood events like the Golden Globes and Oscars continues to be surreal and nerve-wracking, despite his success.


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C.T.S Texas
He hurts my heart
Maya Hayes
ellen so clearly loves him omg... mood
Tiana Nwaubani
His awkwardness and shyness only makes him cuter
Cloud dancer
Is he a thinker or a feeler
Cloud dancer
What is his mbti??
When my friends say "to be hot you gotta be fit" I bring timothee up cause he's litterally the skinniest guy as well as the most attractive human being I know
He is impossible not to like
omfg he likes rami malek 😫😍
Cyrr Rhus
he seems like a genuinely nice guy and very talented, I am looking forward to see a lot from him in the future!
Rosa quino
He is so timid and adorable, he reminds me a lot of aiden Gillen, they are both very similar in the ways they interact in interviews. It’s oddly very intriguing.
Maria Rowena Macario
TC ❤️
Love u Timmy!
Mrunmayee Wankhede
He is so similar to me.
Annabella Li
this beautiful boy is the love of my life ❤️
Britt Pomales
he is going through puberty lolol his voice sounds thicker. he is still very beautiful
el elyon
Ellen I need your t-shirt can you lend me some? Please
Jennifer Zbarouskaya
I like him a lot, seems like a real genuine person. And what an actor!!!
Katie Sjo
I love him
Sia Ibrahim
I'd prefer timothee chalamet than using his mom to get views
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Sandra Bullock Had No Problem Yelling Timothée Chalamet Once Locked 2 days ago   04:07

Sandra Bullock talked to Ellen about being blindfolded in her new movie "Bird Box," and how she found it really easy to yell at her on-screen kids.


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