FCC Cafeteria Employees Say They Were The Government Shutdown Ends & Fox News 1 day ago   04:53

The longest government shutdown in U.S. history cost the economy $11 billion dollars, according to a report yesterday from the Congressional Budget Office — and the agency expects $3 billion of that won’t ever be recovered, even after workers cash their back pay.

This is what it looks like to come back from a 35 day unpaid forced vacation.

Jessica Rosenworcel is one of 4 commissioners of the Federal Communications Commission. She and her fellow commissioners, including Chairman Ajit Pai, oversee the agency. Rosenworcel let VICE News document the first day back at work for her staff and other employees at the agency.

The FCC has just over 1,400 employees and most of them were deemed “non-essential” during the shutdown. During the shutdown, The FCC was able to continue it’s planned 28 GHz spectrum auction, but they were not able to take on many of their regulatory functions.

FCC staff will get back pay for the time they were furloughed, but government contract workers like FCC cafeteria employees will not.

One contract worker we spoke to said he had seven bounced checks during the shutdown. “One check charged $35 [in overdraft fees]. Seven charged $210,” Kevin Lee told VICE News.

Another employee, who works at the cafeteria with her husband, said she only ate ramen noodles during the shutdown.

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210 bucks for a bounced cheque ? wow.
Jesus Haro
4:34 asmr lmao
Bryan Zen
Lmaoooo ajit pai
london man
why was the question not asked why the FCC does not cover agency staff lost wages ?
Art Awesomeness
All I can say,

Good job trump you done make America great again
cause we love government shutdowns where people aren’t payed to go to work 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢.

“This country is in a hell hole right now”
-Cardi B
I didn't notice any difficulties during the government shut down. If "non-essential" employees were furloughed, and there was no problem, why aren't they being permanently laid off?
Rattle Sheikh
Good thing that Ajit Pai can't stuff his greedy gob
Screw The Net
I dont care. Suffering sucks, but if you work in government, top to bottom, go broke or get a respectable , real job. *smfh *
C Martin
1:12 They were still paid, their pay was just delayed until after their forced vacation
jhon doe
1,000 of americans are killed every day by illegal activity caused by none citizen foreigners every day so excuse me for not feeling sorry your inconvenienced cause people at the capitol after decades of corruption are willing to do something about this
Why did i watch this vice never changes. I miss the tv cable channel "current tv" viewer created content was dank
Gabriel White
So wait 3 billion won't be recovered & this ass of a president is threatening to do this shit again?? What a mess!! SHAME
Dragoon TV
Small change for the elite but devastation to the helpless citizen.
Brad Robb
We don’t even need the FCC the whole thing is nonessential
dukky fuzz
Fuk trump
Linda Deneher
Betcha all the lines to those soda machines sat there during the shutdown breeding bacteria. Any follow up on how that cafeteria got cleaned before they started serving?
mar cel
FCC is non-essential
Vinny tor
These people just wanted attention of being on tv
Vinny tor
So you mean what we lost we could have built a wall
Han Lee
1541 emails are many? 👀
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The Government Shutdown Ends & Fox News FCC Cafeteria Employees Say They Were 1 day ago   06:19

Even Fox News is having a hard time spinning the shutdown fight as a win for Trump given the damage it did and the fact that Trump didn’t get any closer to his border wall.

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