Eric Dickerson: Is Juju good [DEBATE] Do the Giants deserve backlash 1 day ago   10:27

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Bea Bear
They always forget who gave AB those great throws. Juju 1400 yds last season. It's sad even legends sound crazy
Jeff Blydenburgh
These are very well points discussed. And anyone who disagrees has their head up their ass. No one can replace AB. Don’t care he was a diva. He was a special play maker that you can not deny or refute.
Bell has already been gone for 1 year and wasn't missed... A.B. (Adult Baby) won't put up same numbers without Big Ben.
Mike Heck
Fuck antonio & Fuck the raiders, Steelers are great at molding young wide receivers
Juju won't miss a beat lol
These people doubting juju, I tell you he is miracle god
the_future_is_ relevant
No not yet
Ok so it's ok now for AB to throw temper tantrums when he not on the Steelers? Isn't this what caught Tomlinson all that flack for ignoring it
jordan sheppard
ab, bell and Ben all benched and browns couldn't stop Juju. they double teamed him he actually got stronger with brown on the bench. last year he had over 1400 yards
jordan sheppard
the fact is Steelers have been good so long people are now just wishing.
jordan sheppard
Juju will be better than ab.
Ab didn’t have a good year. 1300 yards and 15 touchdowns my gosh he sucks
Circle P
Juju is going to be great. Why they hate on him I don't know. Watch this year.
Saya X
Not even a Steelers fan but I think they’ll be okay without AB and his distracting diva ways. He was a cancer. Now they can get back to being focused and move in the right direction.
sandokan machine
people seem to forget that steelers have the knack of drafting stud WRs and RBs. we will draft another stud receiver to compliment juju and Washington gonna break out next season
I see steelers getting Ridley to take pressure off of JuJu and Quntien Willams or one of the Clemson d-line players to help with Oakland's interior D
Ephesians 5:11
No worries for Steelers in 2019. A solid O-line & RB/P Jordan Berry is all they need. RB Jordan Berry is runnin' through strong side def. or straight up the gut , no lead block, everytime because that is the way he likes it. RB Jordan Berry will never run at a soft, weak side of a def. -ever! It's not in his blood.
Raiders fan here. Happy to have AB, but Juju is a very good WR.
Paul Allen
“ did you just compare JuJu to Alvin Harper? I NEED to know ... “ 🤣
Classic skip
We will win when we fix our defense. Our offense is good enough.
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[DEBATE] Do the Giants deserve backlash Eric Dickerson: Is Juju good 1 day ago   10:56

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