First Evidence of Russian Boots The Fight for Ukraine: Last Days 1 day ago   07:27

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On Monday, pro-Russia protesters stormed a police station in the eastern Ukrainian city of Horlivka. VICE News correspondent Simon Ostrovsky was there as they seized the building. Inside, the demonstrators attacked a police officer accused of pushing someone out of a window while the person was trying to display a Russian flag. Later that day, a video emerged on the internet showing a man purporting to be a Russian army colonel giving orders to troops in eastern Ukraine. This is the first bit of evidence that there might already be Russian boots on the ground in the country.

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Mr Dub Crazy
This docu series is very pro ukraine.
Zion Neagabawer
smellyfeet arestinky
Look at all these people with no jobs
Tommy Lillywhite
What is wrong with Russia why must they have everything there way.
Overwatch Elite
Huh, I wish they shot a civi.
Василий Лебедко
Translation into Russian is generally different, profitable for American bastards
evil homie
“Vice” is the best news for me. Simeon is fucking hero, rather than journalist
Samuel Hrabčák
Why haven't Russia Today broadcasted that?
Oh, I know why......
Samuel Hrabčák
I'm so glad that Russian troops were kicked out of my country in 1990.
William Stevenson
fucken white pepole
Dee 4656
Should have opened fire
Ana's World
"we already tried to talk to you guys normally." how can taking out a Ukrainian flag and replacing it with a Russian flag considered "talking it out normally"???
Pro-Russians sure are good at "talking it out normally." more like making the situation worse.
like how can you just try to occupy a police station in DAYLIGHT while police are inside?? honestly (and dont attack me for this comment, im very young so i may not know a lot, forgive me.)
Simon Wren
Enough already. Russia is there and no one is going to do anything about it. NATO ? give me a F***** break. No desire for war. Ukraine is trying to get back at Russia for trying to go NATO. it won't happen. The line is drawn and the US - CANNOT - enter Ukraine.
Galeata Constantin
You have Convetional Warfare and asymetric warfare : Russia is using diversions and mixing both ...
Зоран зоф
american's boots and instuctions on ukraine made this
Nelson Balano
Robert Shaff
Very dramatic but little substance
elvis boakye
Russian special forces training now include radical protest
Hx-Flix & Blog
And why shouldn't the people in Eastern Ukraine be angry or turn to Russia for help? They're fighting Ukrainian neo Regime of Kiev. Don't you think they have relatives who died under the Nazi invasion in WW II and watched as people were shot as they tried to flee a burning building recently?
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The Fight for Ukraine: Last Days First Evidence of Russian Boots 1 day ago   26:12

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February 2014, Ukraine's Euromaidan revolution against the government of Viktor Yanukovych had reached another stalemate after the violence in late January. But on the 18th, massive and fatal clashes broke out between police and protesters outside the Ukrainian parliament building, the Rada.

After hours of fierce fighting, the protesters were pushed back onto their last lines of defense in Independence square and just about forced the police back after an attempt to clear the square. Once the dust had settled almost 30 police and protesters had been killed, on a day where firearms were used openly by both sides for the first time.

Vice News arrived a day later to a city on lockdown and Independence square resembling a dystopian protest nightmare, fires burning, everything covered in black ash and the protesters themselves looked tired and desperate as a fragile truce held throughout the night.

The next day however set of a chain of events that would leave dozens of protesters dead, Yanukovych fleeing the country and the protesters firmly in control of parliament. This film tracks the last days of the Euromaidan revolution, from the mass killings of protesters by the police on 20th February, to the day Yanukovych fled his private estate, leaving behind a wealth of incriminating documents linking him to fraud, corruption and possibly even attempted murder.

Within days an interim government, made up of protest figures and opposition MPs was in power and presidential elections were set for the 25th May. However, since the end of the revolution the new government has had to face a nosediving economy, the Russian annexation of Crimea and now a violent bid for independence by pro-Russian separatists in the east. After a violent and chaotic 6 months, the election gives the country a chance to look towards a future of closer links to the EU and a chance to end the corruption that dominates Ukrainian society.

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