Grimes & i_o - Violence (Official Video) Melanie Martinez - Nurse's Office 2 days ago   03:50

Director: Grimes
Producer: Mac Boucher
Dop: Neil Hansen
Edit: Grimes and Mac Boucher
Production Coordinator: Luke Arreguin
Creative Consultant: Alexandra Parker

Choreo!: Natsuki Miya!
Alyson Van
Charissa Kroeger
Isis Woodruff
Symone Holliday
Tina Jackson

Nude Corpse: Hana

Title Card Image: Popovy Sisters
Animation: Chiara Feriani
Graphic: Mac Boucher
Globe girl: Ryder Ripps

Styling: Turner Turner
Hair: Chanel Croker
Makeup: Natasha Severino
Art Assistant: Blake Hilton

1st AC: Jay Janocko
2nd AC: Michael Carrino

Gaffer: Drew Valenti
Key Grip: Tyler Johnson Williams
LCP: Zane Blanchar
Grip: Stuart Lock
Grip: Andrew Petroski
Grip: Daniel Vasquez
BBG: Thomas Platt
Grip Driver: Aram

SLT: Garret Williams
SLT: Josh Day
SLT: Noah Cruz

Truck PA: Aaron Harper
PA. Kevin Wilson
PA. Alex Aaronson
PA. Jacob Adams

~🖤 In Memory of Lauren Valencia 🖤 ~

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Lem-1 with an E
Anyone else lost count of how many times they've rewatched this visual feast days ago?
María Apricot
I miss the old grimes. :(
Andrey Sadov
Stef C
Grimes you're the best. When do you come To France ?
This song is so smooth. Love it.
CRMCity ity
You wanna piggyback, piggyback
Tony Mind
I am a music producer this song is really something! Something thst will play long long longer than other music today. Something like maroon 5 - this love
Gonna Get Cupcake
those are so damn long fingers o_O what
Testing Sites
a book in a clip - that is groundbreaking !
Le veau bariolé
I just found this song and have it repeating for an hour already.. I think it trapped me!
Luxatic -
I've watched this like ten times already and I'm just now seeing those dog toy things at 0:41
Terra Goldenberg
2:45 is making me extremely much more gay
Y2K Savior
Wtf Grimes, Fka Twigs, Banks... Didn't know any of them released new tracks till now lol
queen agga
Je makeup loopt uit 😂
Gilbert-Ian Rueda
The choreography!! #sexy
Дорогая, я подарю тебе звезды.
Мой пятилетний Reno Logan твой. Мы возьмем ипотеку в Калуге и ты будешь петь мне Янку Дягелеву по утрам.
prepare to have your wig SNATCHED!! 0:43
Blankiux Ramírex
I was expecting ti see HANA in your video 😔
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Melanie Martinez - Nurse's Office Grimes & i_o - Violence (Official Video) 2 days ago   03:23

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