OnePlus 7 Pro review: amazing screen, OnePlus 7 Pro Review - REAL Day in the Life! 2 days ago   09:22

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The OnePlus 7 Pro is a really large Android phone with one of the best displays. The selfie camera pops up from the top, the fingerprint sensor is way faster, and the camera is solid. Oxygen OS is really well thought out. Battery life and performance are all very impressive. That’s a lot of checked boxes, which means the OnePlus 7 Pro proves that great phones don’t need to cost a thousand dollars.

Correction: At 3:24, the graphic shows the incorrect PPI. This should say 516 PPI instead of 561.

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Comments 1343 Comments

The Verge
Which is more important to you: the screen or the camera?
manideep bokka
Need Redmi K20 Pro review
William Winson
Watching this video on a OnePlus 7 Pro
anup rao
Everything is good but speaker is slightly averge
Nasho Ba
It's too goddamn big for me
Walter Maddox
I like it looking to get one. Size is not an issue
Chip Dawg
Love your reviews
Raffaele Fossa
Dieter, you're amazing!!!
Lalit Sehgal
Compared to crappy s10 plus exynos...op7 pro hands down beat it in camera and battery...specially when samsung is not bothered to fix battery drain issue
Pathum Tharindu
please i want a answer from anyone,,is this edge display is damege when phone will fall small gap.
Johnny Aingel
What no headphone
How to make selfies in OnePlus camera a better one....can u give me tips...I got OnePlus 7
Brent van Durme
Oh, you forgot to mention that this phone has liquid-cooling. That's a BIG dealbreaker for me. You don't want your phone to be broken after 1 drop, even with a case.
Javier Treviño
Now I know I will get this instead of the iPhone XR... it's much more powerful and a better deal. I still love Mac computers but I like good deals.
This isn't a phone, it's a tablet.
Damn I want this phone
Habs H
It costs 750€ here... s10 is 659€.... no chance
IP ratings are useless, useless things like these is why phones are above 1000 usd
Dimitri Lukashuk
Gus Hay
Anyone have any idea how I could get the one plus 7 (not the pro) in new-zealand?
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OnePlus 7 Pro Review - REAL Day in the Life! OnePlus 7 Pro review: amazing screen, 2 days ago   14:56

Time for another real day in the life, this time with the new OnePlus 7 Pro. Spend the day with me as I test out the new pop up selfie camera, battery life, that new 90hz display, and a ton more!

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