Here's Why I'm Selling My McLaren MP4-12C 1969 ½ Dodge Super Bee A12 with 1 day ago   12:47

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Hoovies Garage
For those who don't know Drew, he has a pretty crazy survival story that I covered in the link below. I'm told by doctors that every new subscriber he gets helps his brain recover!
Alexander Milentis
Why are expensive cars so unreliable?
Adam Baldwin
To the person in the Saturn SUV at 2:56, that's not how you pass someone on the highway. Either speed the fuck up or move back over.
Devil's Offspring
Million-plus-dollar cars aren't really built for regular driving. They're built so you can buy them to be that-guy-that-owns-that-car.
Yes, you can drive them, but not for long before they eat more money in repairs than the car originally cost.
Taelor Watson
I hope it isn't a 2004 Lamborghini
John Doe
Y do i keep coming back to this channel because hoovies peewee Herman impersonation is ultra annoying.. I need to get a life!
Tony Montana
The best decision you ever made was to sell that shit box money pit.
Count your blessings it had a factory warranty, otherwise you'd have to sell your house to keep fixing that turd mobile.
What a truly rubbish, fragile car.
The Gallardo trumps the McLaren ALL day long !
Derek D
the squeaky teen voice made me shut this down right away!
Jeff Jaworski
So you're getting a 512 Berlinetta Boxer?? Hopefully not a 308/328... REAL V12 POWA BAAAABBBYYY!!!!
Frankie Batsu
Can anyone tell me if this is a Sema car I found at auction?
Nature Boy
Brother, start saving your money. These r getting long in the tooth
lendl kaiser
It is a beautiful car, but beware a beautiful face!
Umm excuse me?!? This is the UGLY Mclaren
12:25, Hoovie STONED TOO!
That McLaren has upgraded engine and transmission. Gallardo has a 6 speed! and as many miles hoovie puts in on a month. I say good trade. But I see the Dealership saw $$ in new everything. RIP dealership. 12c was just experimental in the mass market.
Good you’re not left lane huggers.
Jack Bixby
ahh hoovie step it up....the only interesting thing in your shows is magician...bla bla bla bla
That music was THE worst music I’ve ever heard in any YouTube video ever. Did you get it from the cassette player in the car you bought at the dealer because it came from the 80s. Season 2 of The Price is Right no?
Two Wheel Motoring
Mclarens are traaaash
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1969 ½ Dodge Super Bee A12 with Here's Why I'm Selling My McLaren MP4-12C 1 day ago   07:47

On "My Car Story" we're at the Carlisle Events in Carlisle PA on 7-11-19.

We're looking at a 1969 ½ Dodge Super Bee A12 with Mod Floral Top in F6 Bright Green Metallic Paint. The car comes with the factory 440 CI Six Pack engine.

The car's Owner is Darrin Stanke. Darrin’s had this car since 2016. He shares this car is unique because of the factory optional Floral Top.

If you’re interested in learning about the different events at the Carlisle Events, go to the website at


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