Wendy Pretend Play Morning Play doh and Baby doll Ice Cream 1 day ago   10:28

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Wendy and Pikachu from Pokemon pretend play their morning routine and brushing their teeth. Wendy reminds her friend Pikachu to brush his teeth or else his teeth might go bad. They go brush their teeth, but Pikachu’s toothbrush is too small. They go to the toy store to buy a giant toothbrush. They finish brushing their teeth and then they go get some morning exercise with the Head Shoulders Knees and Toes nursery rhyme song. Finally they get their backpacks and eat breakfast before going to school.

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Play doh and Baby doll Ice Cream Wendy Pretend Play Morning 1 day ago   10:24

Let's play with baby doll and play doh toys
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