The Rise Of Renewable Energy In China AMAZING! China’s Advanced Drones 1 day ago   10:36

Richard Aguilar
China now is the world's leading country when it comes to electricity production from renewable energy, with more than double the generation of the second-ranking country, the United States. And now, China’s renewable energy sector is growing faster than its fossil fuels and other sources of electricity. And today, this video is all about the rise of renewable energy in China.

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Sherryl Keith
Great to see that Avasva has new instructions to save my money and energy to build it.
Daniel Smith
What would happen, if a volcano erupted and blocked out the Sun for a year??? Unstoppable??? Nothing but God is unstoppable!!!
Zuez Grecorian
All made with terrible quality materials and will need to be replaced so often that it will cost more energy to maintain and rebuild them over the long term. Will be good scrap to pillage as the west invades though.
jim bob
Why are you guys so happy dont you know the world is ending and solar panels arnt gonna stop it.
Rock Stone
Philippinno are weird
Green TwoStay
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Matthew Bergin
Renewables are useless because they are intermittent. Solar stops at night or when the sun goes behind a cloud. Wind power has the same issue with the variable wind. So in order to be useful the renewables have to have a backup. Usually they use a gas generating plant for backup but without fossil fuels you would need to a use battery backup. That won't work either. To backup even a small 40 megawatt solar farm for 5 days would require a 5000 megawatt/hr battery array. To give you an idea on how big these storage batteries would be I will describe the equivalent in car batteries. To provide 5 days of backup (not an unreasonable requirement) would require approximately 625,000,000 car batteries for each 40 Megawatt farm. Also the batteries would need replacing every 5 or so years. The numbers are staggering. I live in Ontario Canada our province has a population of only 14 million. My provinces power requirement is about 30 Gigawatts on an average day. To power Ontario would take approximately 750 40 Megawatt solar farms, and to back that up (using car batteries) would need at least 468,750,000,000 batteries. Think what New York city would require? So I sorry but solar and wind power is useless. 😞
gerrit claesen
next time use an other sound , ore do you only have one soundtrack
Frank Kwok
Solar highway. That’s awesome. Electric cars are really the future 🦅🦅🇺🇸
Somnath Karmakar
When India doing this?
Theo Carbone
Omg! It's another solar road project))) I can't even count, how many of them are already dead, but human stupidity is really infinite)))
Hi Richard, please make a new video to update the latest efforts of reversing the desertification in China. Thanks!
Peter Jolliffe
Unfortunately, the solar road is a useless idea will soon be reading about what a massive failure and waste of money it was....sadly the modern-day, clever snake-oil salesmen did a good job of selling people on that idea
Anaali Kärpänen
Great video! Thanks from finland!
Abuu Mohammed
China your the greatest you lead we follow good job
nepali man
How great
Jerry R
It takes more energy to make Solar Panels then they generate!! The Real Cost must include: Building, recycling , and the handling of the Hazardous Waste generated by making these panels. E-Waste is filling our landfills and nobody cares. Where do we put the waste? I love solar.. But it has issues. These panels last only last around 15 to 20 years.. Then are hazardous waste.
beryl thienhaus
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AMAZING! China’s Advanced Drones The Rise Of Renewable Energy In China 1 day ago   10:25

Aside from massive railway projects, mega bridges and giant infrastructures, China is also not behind when it comes to drone technology. So with that being said, in this video, you will see 10 of China high tech drone technologies.

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Quick Summary Of China's Drones

1. Chinese-built solar drone 'Rainbow'
2. China's Unmanned Drone Wing Loong I-D Craft
3. China’s agricultural Drone
4. China's Solar-powered Drone
5. Drone that assists in firefighters
6. China's stealth drone "Skyhawk"
7. TYW-1 Drone Technology
8. China's World's Largest Cargo Drone
9. China’s new Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
10. Tonnage-level cargo drone

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