Carlos Ghosn case puts Nissan's Carlos Ghosn was released 1 day ago   06:26

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FRANCE 24 speaks to Jake Adelstein, an investigate journalist, about Carlos Ghosn's continued detention in Japan. The former Nissan CEO has been in a Tokyo jail cell since his arrest back in November 2018. Adelstein says the Japanese authorities are trying to obtain a confession out Ghosn.

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Nissan is making junk cars anyway. The entire world should convict nissan for making trash cars. 13 year old 370z, and junk nissans that are worth pennies in 1 year.
The whole concept of "loss of face" is what is holding back the entire Asian hemisphere in terms of workplace/life prosperity.
Did he just refer to Carlos as a French man? He’s a Brazilian with Lebanese background who was educated in France. I mean he could be right about the Japanese authorities but still
Tourists beware - coming to Japan now and for the 2020 Olympics. Gentle Japan is not always what it appears to be. Stop and frisk shakedowns are the norm here for offenses such as "walking while non-East Asian in appearance".
Michael G
Doesn't He look like the Grinch on Trial.
Yakusa !
Tara Jordan
Of course,according to Jake Adelstein,there is no case,the prosecutor has nothing on Ghosn,each and every element in the dossier is fabricated. The Japanese are engaged in a racist operation,targeting one of the most powerful (if not the most) corporate leader on the planet. Japanese are mean and cruel by nature,and Europeans are flawless....Jake Adelstein is the guy who made a career out of sensationalistic "true crimes" stories,and subcultures fairy tales. In layman's terms,Adelstein is a tabloid reporter. He is legit and credible as Alex Jones.
If this case is found to be a false accusation, Japan should dissolve the Tokyo district public prosecution office permanently. Apparently Abe's administration is behind this. But, I hope that the court still can make an independent decision. The prosecutors recently failed to set 38 bureaucrats, which involved in Moritomo case, which Prime Minister Abe or his wife was deeply involved in. But, the court should not follow the same way.
Scy master
Boycott japan is so rude to western countries!
Pisces Love 111
france corrupt country
fermadi 19
seems like they did harakiri to themselves
Tamura Hiroto
Recently Osaka district public prosecutor office failed to prosecute 38 bureaucrats who involved in Moritomo case, which Abe administration was surely involved in. Tokyo prosecutors won’t arrest the woman minister who are continually rewriting accounting book. I do not see any reason for the prosecutors to arrest him and detain for such a long period. They should have some kind of double standard.
Pierre Daher
Very smart reporter indeed extremely talented and knowledgeable he could read systems and events with an amazing accuracy he is smarter than the prosecutor and Ghosn , Bravo you are Excellent .
Vorname Nachname
being arrested in Japan must be horrible. there is no heating and people must suffer in solitary confinement. hope the best for Mr. ghosn, that he remains strong!
Kyïv stuff
I remember watching a program about a Japanese man who was pressured/tortured by the police to confess to murder. Though he was innocent and spent most of his life in prison that man kept apologizing for lying and endangering society because the real murderer walked free. Japan is not all kawaii anime.
Pierre Daher
This case will have a bad end , it is a conspiracy against a serious potential presidential candidate in his 3 countries of origin Lebanon France and Brazil, the loss of Carlos Ghosn will be of exorbitant cost for the alliance for all the stakeholders shareholders as well as for Renault and Nissan employees around the world , I have the feeling that this story is going to turn dramatic if Ghosn dies in prison, if this happens then history will witness a reversal of fortune for all Japan .so far this affair has raised lots of questioning about the Japanese judicial system to me it looks like an assassination similar to the kashogi killing in Istanbul .the Japanese prosecutor and justice authority are chopping this case the way the Saudis chopped Kashogi s body , Tokyo prosecutor or whomever is behind this conspiracy is surely leading Japan to the deepest abyss of darkness in Hell .Ghosn , arrest and treatment in detention has ruined for ever the image of Japan soon Nissan and Japan will comprehend the seriousness of their mistake ,.
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Nissan's Carlos Ghosn was released Carlos Ghosn case puts 1 day ago   08:12

After more than three months behind bars, former Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn is out of jail. He was released from a japanese prison overnight after posting bail. Motoko Rich, Tokyo bureau chief for the New York Times, joins "Squawk Box" to explain the Japanese judicial system and what might lay ahead for Ghosn.

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