World War 3 Russia ADMITS military RUSSIA VS USA Putin given 60 DAYS 2 days ago   04:41

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World War 3 Russia ADMITS military aggression won’t be on USA but against Europe Thank you for watching.
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David Reynoso
(Putin is a puppet )stay out of Ukraine..( Go NATO )help them.
Roger didit
Too bad Poo-tin can't pick and choose who busts his chops.
Norma Creel
somehow with what icing with his old lady Pence is old lady somehow I'm telling you I'm matching them up to 9/11 and how they hired with what I seen with his old lady pants is out lady somehow I'm telling you I'm a channel up to 911 and how they hired over and whoever it was to do that attack now from what was discovered and Ben what year was Al Qaeda picture from Charles that building told him where to go hit it from and Tusk from over there by Darlings Park in Wiggins
Dave Gracie
All your videos are a crock of shit, Get a real job instead of making a fool out of yourself
John Hadleigh
Kay Bass
Trump and Putin have/ will have a handshake agreement that they will not fight war, one against the other, and nobody else can turn aside their handshake peace accord. In harmony with their agreement; Mr Trump will loosen his alliance with the EU; and he already has; while Mr Putin will also loosen his alliance with Iran, in reciprocation. This opens the door to war for both of them. That's why Scriptural prophecy shows a war between Russia and the EU occurring at a time of a banking systems meltdown and the loss of the Euro currency. This effectively bankrupts 25 countries and minor municipalities all at the same time; so their military forces are all on their backs together. Ezekiel 7: 19-22.
Also, the war between the US, allies and Iran appears with the crushing of Iran economically, followed by the destruction of Iran's nuclear assets. The pilots refuel in Saudi Arabia on their way back. This is the reason why the Middle East is bombed; and Iran is bombed, and these Scriptures are available to anybody who asks me, for example Daniel 8: 20, 23-25 a prophecy about [Media, Persia] Iraq and Iran at 'the time of the end', as outlined there. Here we see the US and allies described in their activities by Daniel. Notice the war with the US and Iraq has already occurred. When the bombing of the Middle East occurs, the politicians might as well destroy the financial system with a wracking ball, because this is the result of their missiles deployment. 2Peter 3: 10 That is why the wars that have already appeared, along with considerable build-up destroy the present fiat currency system, and this system is no longer sustainable. It is over.
That is why the God of prophecy explains what happens, why, and when, and what He is doing to perform the biggest rescue of mankind by God that this planet will ever see. Revelation 7: 9, 14.Rev 11: 15, 18. A Great Leader has been appointed to lead faithful mankind into the Kingdom of God. It is someone we know by reputation. It is Christ Jesus the King Revelation 12: 10. Christ will destroy the wicked Revelation 19: 11, 19-21, in addition to fighting for and rescuing all those persons of faith He has already died for. YOU CAN SURVIVE. Psalms 37: 10, 11, 29 THIS planet is to be redeveloped and cleansed into a Paradise that we will create together. Luke 23: 43. Yes, indeed, Trump and Putin have a friendship, and they make a peace agreement between themselves. But even though the US and Russia will not fight war one against the other, this does not save the fiat currency system from complete destruction and wars. This handshake agreement between Trump and Putin opens the door to the Great tribulation. Matthew 24: 21, 22.
Ken Windrum
Do this sick head scumbag son of a bitch and see what will happen in Moscow watch out for the B 52 carpet bombers --- You are a very sick man go and get help...
Colin Tan
Go Go Go the Whore of Mystery Babylon and target more Sanctions on Gog of Magog.
thor bradshaw
this robot voice is a joke
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RUSSIA VS USA Putin given 60 DAYS World War 3 Russia ADMITS military 2 days ago   04:50

DONALD Trump has give Vladimir Putin a 60-day ultimatum to come clean about Russia's continued violation of a key nuclear control treaty which has kept weapons of mass destruction out of Europe for three decades. Thank you for watching.
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