GameTime - Lakers pull out of Anthony We're in uncharted territories if LeBron 1 day ago   05:47

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Johnny Blade
Lakers can’t offer Zion.
Tony Huang
AD doesn’t even want to stay on the Pelicans. He just wants to leave and join a better team.
David Cobb
So....Lakers ruined team chemistry for......?
Skate_ Or_Die
Pelicans boutta suck for ten years hahaha
Terry O
They should have offered LeBron 😂 They would accept then
Glenn Timmons
Magic needs to learn how to play POKER..LAKERS ARE like Yankees they want buy championships..ill b a Lakers fan just as soon as #23 is gone!
Reminds of nfl fantasy. A guy in some league offers u 4 scrubs for one good player as if there was room on the bench
Paul Rios
Lebitch: how many more dicks do i gotta blow to get my AD??!!
trey trey
New Orleans messed up when they named the team the Pelicans smfh. Branding and location means everything, New Orleans is a hot spot a party town, but they don't have the correct name.
AD is a better fit for the lakers young core ..... trade lebron for AD.
Bemskie Amoyan
Pelicans will regret if they don't accept the lakers offer...Davis might be trade anywhere but will end up signing to the lakers after his contract was done...
What happens when the Lakers bring in these elite players and they still lose due to a lack of chemistry? What if the Bucks win this year and Giannis proves this formula of elite players joining forces has worn thin? The Bucks will prove it's the Coach  and the 1 star, with other players understanding their roles, that will win a championship. It's meshing together the right combination of players all knowing and understanding their roles and not playing outside that role.  The best thing for the league is for Giannis, a player who came in the league in 2013, to win a title by himself to prove to these Elite players, jumping teams is not the way to go. Giannis will be the Jordan player who carries this league forward. The Lakers have to learn to develop their young talent or keep gambling by handing them over to other teams to develop. I really wish Zo ends up on the Bucks because they seem to put TEAM first. The Bucks are the type of team you can root for. These others teams are making a mockery out of the NBA and losing fans in the process. Give the Laker core to the Spurs and Pops, you will see them excel. And that's the problem with the Lakers organization. As a long time Laker fan, I'm disappointed in this entire season from management, to coaching, and to the selfishness of the players.
Phantom Engineer
Trade Lebron for AD.
Ricky Alan Lusk
It's common seance pelicans are going to get everything possible for him because they can it's like a auction you can't blame them for that they are having fun with it
Him Bike
I don’t remember Pete Maravich demanding a trade to a contender
I don’t remember Tiny Archabald demanding a trade to a contender
I don’t remember Spencer Haywood demanding a trade to a contender
I don’t remember Connie Hawkins demanding a trade to a contender
I don’t remember Bill Walton demanding a trade to a contender
I don’t remember Walt Bellamy demanding a trade to a contender
Lakers just getting hysterical because maybe fair play might happen when other teams hav a chance
Fooey... pelicans have never said a blasted thing! they just never returned Lakers BS
Common your giving the whole lousy laker team for an allstar centre. Not worth it.
Esah Nadeem
Pelicans are dumbasses, Beal is about reap the benefits
Hakim Jefferson
Dell Demps just fckd his franchise cuz of his ego. I hope the Pels stay in obscurity forever. U get offered a whole dam starting 5 PLUS picks & turn it down for what exactly? To wait for a team to outbid that offer for a 1 yr rental cuz AD already made it clear he aint resigning unless its LA. So u dont take a good deal to prove "you cant bully me." Smh its always business. Its never personal.
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We're in uncharted territories if LeBron GameTime - Lakers pull out of Anthony 1 day ago   06:31

Chris Bosh joins Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Molly Qerim of First Take to discuss (0:09) how LeBron James will feel if the Los Angeles Lakers miss the 2018-19 NBA playoffs, (0:53) whether the NBA should allow the league's best 16 teams to make the playoffs in lieu of the current conference system, (2:25) what roster changes the Lakers should make this season, (3:40) which teams from the Eastern Conference could give the Golden State Warriors a run for their money, (4:37) how the Oklahoma City Thunder stack up against the Warriors and (5:48) Paul George's resurgence as an NBA superstar.

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