The Truth About Being Youtubers Husband & Wife Switch Accents 1 day ago   25:06

Jess Conte
hey guys!
so in this video we discuss a bunch of things and questions that you had about having Youtube as a job. That includes getting paid, taking sponsorships we don't like, how to come up with a fee for brand deals, being Christians, fake Youtubers, what we do on a daily basis, what meetings are about, etc!! hope you enjoy it and are able to learn something new!

love you guys!! ♡


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Sarah Weinstein
I love these sit down videos. They are soo helpful!
Niharika Gupta
You guys are like my second 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 parents. Thankyou for all the knowledge. The people are so selfish out there and dont get real. But you guys always win my heart :)
maheen Iftikhar
Iloveee urrr shirt jesss plesse giveaway to me
Isabelle Warren
Jess!!! you should audition to be a disney princess at disneyland! their contracts are only a couple months long and would speed up the residency waiting process XD
April McKay
Let's be honest the only reason I watch you guys is that Jess is like my pretties role model out there
Am D One
Margot Sofia
i learned so much omg. I love how perfectly natural and real you guys are
Katie Bug
you should let us meet your assistant if she's okay with it 😊😊
Ashley Chavez
It seemed like he don't want to expose some truths about being YouTuber or being in this video but he will do it anyways with selected truths.
Emily Salter
Thank you for this educational video! I’ve been making videos for 2 years but haven’t seen much luck with it just yet but I won’t give up 🤗 I love how real and honest you are with your viewers. It’s much appreciated
what does your sticker say on your laptop, the font is super cute but i’m not that good at reading cursive and i can’t make out the letters 😂 it’s super cute tho!
Victoria Xox
Can you give me tips on how to become successful?
Aurora Jazline
this was such a cozy and calming video
Ishtiyaq Rahman
Got to know Soo much from this video..... Soo useful..😘
can your managing team manage me... lol
Varsha Srinivasan
this video really really helped me. i recently got involved in a college marketing team, and this video taught me about deliverables and brand deals. thank you so much.
lol Milo asking Gabe to play with him! So cute!
Alexa Alvarez
Pls make a video for small youtubersss
Jeremy Snyman
I really appreciate the honesty and integrity that the two of you show when talking about the business side of what you do - very refreshing 👍🏻
Thank you so much for filming this terrific video. I completely utterly agree with how someone wants their videos to be the best that they can be! You’re an absolute inspiration and love all the helpful advice you gave
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Husband & Wife Switch Accents The Truth About Being Youtubers 1 day ago   16:34

Husband & Wife Switch Accents For A Day!! How did we do!?

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