Tehran suggests US downed its own, Trump says U.S destroyed Iranian 2 days ago   01:31

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Comments 48 Comments

Evil CIA US lying they didn't shoot down Iran drone lol if they did release the video how they shot it lol so world can see liars criminals fuckersss
Howe Trinh
Training to shoot down its own drone in preparation for real Iran drone
I say its all bulls..t buy the Bankers and there Secret Society GOONS trying to manipulate another fake war. Remember People they still have not found those W,M,D's from the Iraq Invasion ( ;
Gordon Adams
Nothing would surprise anyone regarding this current march to war with Iran.
Chris Reiser
Well we have a president who keeps shooting himself in the foot why not an American drone.
john bolton
sounds more likely than not...hahahaaa
Jose Martinez
It looks like iranian version above the mines and the UK tanker that UK said Iran tried to seize. They say didn't be responsable but all know they are. LIARS
Kaity Dunston
Trump lies about his father's birth place, he lies all time, this racist guy has no truthful bone in his body.
The Iranians are like the stupid kid in class trying to tell the teacher that she didn't even assign the home world when everyone else is handing it in
Hour Bee
I'm surprised they didn't blame Israel.
LOL lead by a moron
Fair enough. When Iran shut down the American drone they, announced it, released footage of the missile attack, and they should what was left of it. Where is the American footage of this Iranian drone?
Sand all
I do get fed up with this bias from the European broadcasters. The vast majority of the world does not believe that Iran damaged the oil tankers. So stop saying they do. This is where you get the rise of populism in Europe. The people know they are being lied to by their government, and they know they are being lied to by state broadcasters. Wouldn't it be a refreshing change if one of them actually told the truth. Go on Britain, go on France, give it a try, tell the truth. You might feel better for it and so may your countrymen.
cheryl taylor
Probably an Israel Drone
Pain !
it happening again.....
Iran can lie thought they are Muslim why lie always
Sydney Austin
Bombs away!...Lets get started.. Stop BS'n... get the draft on!..Get these smart azz nu-breed
João Soares
The ridiculous of such a situation, any one whit basic knowledge of such things would know it
Next thing Iran will say about their tanker held by the UK, "that tanker was never my tanker, it was their's".
Kurt Beck
Provocation. Illegal provocation. USA provocation with the USS Boxer (LHD-4), a Wasp-class amphibious assault ship of the United States Navy. In international waters near Iran.

This terrorism by the USA is aimed at creating global instability. Provoking Iran into a war. Serving own corporate greed to maintain a monopoly on world trade.

Iran hasn’t invaded anyone or, indeed, started a war in more than 150 years! The USA regime says Iran must stop it's aggression. Iran must stop it's aggression?

The fact is, the USA, with Israel and Saudi Arabia are the aggressive provocative forces against a country that hasn't run nor launched an aggressive war in modern history, unlike the US or Israel.

But maybe the argument is that Iran's efforts to defend itself against the Trump USA regime's arrogance and provocation is unacceptable aggression.

In May last year, the Trump regime unilaterally withdrew from the working and successful JCPOA and issued 12 demands to Iran. It was one of those impossible lists, designed to provoke and humiliate. To posture. To use its military power as a global Reality Show ego booster. To distract from being the global village idiot 'president'. Recently better described as the Occupant.

Israel? Israeli possession of both nuclear and chemical weapons is avoided by the USA regime as if it is so normal as locker talk. Where does Israel's capabilities come from? From Russia? No. From China? No. Follow the trail of MONEY! Israel built its nuclear weapons from 'smuggled' parts and 'pilfered technology'. Assisted smuggling. Assisted pilferation.

Response? "We encourage Israel to become a state party to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty [NPT]." Yes. Encouragement! ENCOURAGEMENT!

Israel, unlike Iran, never signed up to the 1968 NPT so it could not violate it. But it certainly broke the treaty banning nuclear tests, as well as countless national and international laws restricting the traffic in nuclear materials and technology. But that isn't a problem - they didn't break any of the conditions of any treaty because that haven't signed any treaty!

Who is the rogue state? Who is the sponsor of this rogue state? No, Israel's 400 nuclear warheads isn't aggression! Do you live near to this daily(!) intimidation and threat?
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Trump says U.S destroyed Iranian Tehran suggests US downed its own, 2 days ago   03:28

The U.S. destroyed an Iranian drone over the Strait of Hormuz on Thursday, President Trump announced in the East Room of the White House. CBS News' Steven Portnoy joined CBSN with the latest developments.

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