When white supremacists overthrew Why a US city is searching for mass graves 1 day ago   12:22

The hidden history of an American coup.

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Correction at 7:23: Cynthia's ancestors lived in Wilmington, not her descendants.

In November 1898, in Wilmington, North Carolina, a mob of 2,000 white men expelled black and white political leaders, destroyed the property of the city’s black residents, and killed dozens--if not hundreds--of people. How did such a turn of events change the course of the city? For decades, the story of this violence was buried, while the perpetrators were cast as heroes. Yet its impacts resonate across the state to this day.

In the new Vox series Missing Chapter, Vox Senior Producer Ranjani Chakraborty revisits underreported and often overlooked moments from the past to give context to the present. Join her as she covers the histories that are often left out of our textbooks. Our first season tackles stories of racial injustice, political conflicts, even the hidden history of US medical experimentation.

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For more reading, check out the links below:

The final report from the state commission on 1898 Wilmington: https://www.ncdcr.gov/learn/resources-topic/1898-wilmington-race-riot-commission

An in-depth documentary about the events of 1898: http://wilmingtononfire.com/about

The News and Observer’s recent coverage of 1898: https://www.newsobserver.com/article192293519.html and https://media2.newsobserver.com/content/media/2010/5/3/ghostsof1898.pdf

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Cheers — Ranjani
Funkavelli Records
Nothing has changed much I see!!!!
Carlton Wilson
Mehhhh.....probably some truth in this tale, but some of it is obviously not true. A mob of "white men with machine guns"? Not in 1898.
Brigham Young
In short, the Democratic Party has always been the EVIL party that divide this great nation.

Finally, VOX featured something impartial.
Is a pity, that the majority of US people don't understand understand that is exactly what happens now a days.
With the DNC rigging obscure rules on polls, the super-delegates power on parties , etc...
US is a 'dictatorial capitalocracy', in the hands of 1% of rich ppl. and corporations..
And in a country where everything related to power is for sale: From Senate to sheriffs offices, to the President sit, etc...
(why do you think US only have 2 parties in permanent rotation?...And no social laws at all: No free studies, no universal health care, etc...)
faustian man
I wonder how many black politicians there are in China or India etc....None... Are these non-white countries racist supremacists? This is just sensationalism.
Sharon Cato
The white albino race is a sick history.
Karen Roberts
ah the good old days
Michael Paysour
Thank you for this information it needs to be taught in school and the Whitehouse.
Aggro Morality
Voter ID is not race based.
PMoose Traven
*Aycock* How unfortunate last name...
PMoose Traven
It’s time for revolution again... but this time for different reasons. The power structure and lying from our government has went too far
Joe Me
Vox is a fkn joke.
Tell the truth; shame the devil. Thank you, VOX!
Wow its 4k people who hate the truth
Whites been terrorizing blacks for a long time
Keith Ferns
Disruptive ads..😈😠
Jojo Saylor
Thanks for the infromation I love learning about American History
pree talala
Trump at 4:08 lol
sir lopez george
Ah, the good 'ol days..
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Why a US city is searching for mass graves When white supremacists overthrew 1 day ago   09:13

White mobs destroyed "Black Wall Street." But where are the victims' bodies?

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Nearly 100 years ago, a white mob destroyed an American neighborhood called “Black Wall Street,” murdering an estimated 300 people in Tulsa, Oklahoma. That incident — known as the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre — has been largely left out of US history books. Today, a century later, the city still has a lot of questions. For one, where are the bodies of the victims? As the city's mayor re-opens the search for mass graves, we take a look at what happened back in 1921…and why finding these graves still matters to the people of Tulsa.

For more reading, check out the links below:

Vox’s reporting on an eyewitness account of the horrific attack: https://www.vox.com/2016/6/1/11827994/tulsa-race-massacre-black-wall-street

The Washington Post’s in-depth story on the massacre and the current challenges of gentrification: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/local/wp/2018/09/28/feature/they-was-killing-black-people/

And to take a look through more digitized photos, audio, and documents from 1921, check out the Tulsa Historical Society’s collection: https://www.tulsahistory.org/exhibit/1921-tulsa-race-massacre/

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