Trump Escalates War in Ukraine Russia's Mass Military Burials 5 months ago   10:41

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Trump & Obama Lied
Ukraine Mothers Don't Blame
Germany says "Stop the Nazis in

"I Beg the World, STOP UKRAINE REGIME!"-Anna Tuv

Ukraine Doesn't Blame Russia-"Impeach Poroshenko!"

Proof US Invaded Ukraine not Russia

US Started Ukraine Civil War *PROOF* Nov 20, 2013

"Russia Never Invaded" -Ukraine Officers from Kiev

Hillary & Obama Support Ukraine Civil War

Ukraine Civil War Censored in America

Suffering & Death of Children in SE Ukraine

Start of Ukraine Civil War

Birth of Ukraine Civil War 1hr

Ukraine Loves Pres.Poroshenko

Poroshenko- US Dictator of Ukraine

"Death for Profit", Ex-CIA: Why US Invaded Ukraine & Other Countries

Putin Implores American People

American Teaches Kiev Soldiers Not to Have Emotions in War

Poroshenko-"Ceasefire" not for Peace but to Regroup & Attack

Warmongers vs Reality & Wisdom

Obama Admits US "Brokered" Coup in Ukraine


US Army in Ukraine Since Sept 2014

US Still Trains Ukraine to Kill Civilians

US Trains Ukraine Army to Kill Civilians Sept 2016

US Fueling Ukraine Civil War Aug 2016

US Still Fueling Ukraine Civil War June 2016

America Days in Ukraine - May 2016

US General Hodges Visits Ukraine

New US Command In Ukraine

US Trains Kiev,Ukraine April 1, 2016

US Army Trains Kiev,Ukrainian Soldiers March 2016

Interview of US Soldiers in Ukraine

Kiev Army Trained by Inept US Instructors - Apr 22, 2015

US 173rd Airborne Invades Ukraine

US General Over Ukraine Army

US Gen.Hodges & Pyatt in Ukraine

Americans Train Ukraine Poroshenko's Army

Poroshenko gets US Armored Vehicles in Kiev via US Air Force

Ukrainians Capture US Mercenary in Kharkov

US TECH CAMPS in Ukraine Coup

Break Thru America’s Iron Curtain

Save Donbass from US War Crimes

"Open Hand Now a Fist" to Kiev,USA"

Crimea Suffers under Evil Putin

Crimea is Safe

Crimea to Russia/ Kiev to US - Who is Better Off?

Truth about Crimea

Crimea Votes to Join Russia

Crimea Still Celebrates Joining Russia - Party on!

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Russell Bentley
Keep up the great work, Brother!
john smith
this just show how trump is just like obama
jimmi hotdog
America acts like their cops do shouting,yelling STOP RESISTING STOP RESISTING while you're doing everything to obey them they keep assaulting you then they claim self defense when the cops kill you 180 degree Liars.
Heineken FiftySeven
Nazi this, Nazi that.. IT'S THE JEWS!
US ass will be kicked in Ukrain by
Shawney Ey
Why can't Americans kick their president out immediately when he did not deliver his presidential election promises?
That last guy is right. MOST Americans are cowards to right what is wrong.
Marina B.
On June 6th Ukraine wants to take back/attack Donbass, shortly before the World Cup in Russia begins.
Thessalonian Ray Metcalf
You are leaving out Obama started it sending troops in.
donald doyle
Poroshenko is killing civilians, Stupid Americans are giving weapons to that murdered Poroshenko
donald doyle
Americans get out of Ukraine, you American dogs get out stop supporting Poroshenko that criminal puppet of the American government
Americas Wars of Terror .
Travis Aitchison
always the civilians get screwed and killed due to politics, Its too bad we can not all just get along eh!
Curtis Hatten
trumpit of tulmodick jews kill all Christ loving people like here in u.s.a. poison food water virus war and on and on good luck fight for god and love and freedom
Tuckpoint Paint
Clinton would have pushed the nuke button by now.
Tex knows what he is talking about he has been fighting there for at least 6 years
Strong willed individual !
Слава Новоро́ссия!
Auns Nusra
in this era war civilian are the target..
**********Trump =BIGGER BIG MOUTH YANK***********
FUCK OFF from the Ukraine USA its none of your fucking business like most things.
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Russia's Mass Military Burials Trump Escalates War in Ukraine 5 months ago   04:59

Video on graves of several thousand Russian led soldiers in Ukraine. With no UN report split between Ukrainian and Russian led losses, and with suggestions of higher Ukrainian losses, I've conservatively stated approx. 3,700, KNOWN Russian led forces killed. However, if Ukraine total of around 2,750 killed (as of Dec 7th 2017) is accurate, then Russian led losses would stand at approx. 4,700. Add to the mix, these are only the known losses. Over last few years, accessing info on casualties in Russian controlled Ukraine has been very difficult, so total, as evidenced in this video, will certainly be far higher.

The video features 2 cemeteries located in the Russian occupied city of Donetsk.The bulk of graves within them remain unmarked, with one holding either Russian soldiers or Russian mercenaries, having over 1,000 unmarked graves.

OSCE weekly border report
United Nations report referenced in video - Click on Dec 12th link
Links for original cemetery videos

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Film by and copyright - Alex King Glasnost Gone.

Music: Chris_Zabriskie - Is That You or Are You You

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