An attempt at 'zero human interaction' Crave - We had lunch at a fully automated 1 day ago   02:20

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CNBC's Uptin Saiidi tests out a popular sushi chain in Asia, where custom orders are delivered to your seat by an automated train.

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Brian Nguyen
I am 1/11 of the comments.
Bryson Cherry
What about the nasties that don't wash hands, could've just pooped, and sneeze/whip on the screens? Asking for e.coli and other transmittable diseases? S&P thinks this is even remotely sanitary over a long period of having
a kiosk in a location?
ZT Bugatti
What if someone steals your food when it passes them
Jaden _is_g8
Duh i have been there for maybe 20 times
Geez, where are all the comments?
AHAHAHJAWHHWJAJAHAHHAb im 1/3 of the comments wtf
Ivan Goh
the payment section can easily be automated with e-wallets like what is done in china now. They even have convenience shops fully automated and sells hot food.
Jason Pao
CNBC is a little LATE in the game to show such a program as many Kaiten Sushi Restaurants are like this and even better: Kura sushi chain can clear the dishes on your own to play a game and count how much you have eaten!
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Crave - We had lunch at a fully automated An attempt at 'zero human interaction' 1 day ago   03:16

We visited a futuristic eatery called Eatsa that just opened in San Francisco. You don't have to deal with humans there, just screens.

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