🇨🇩 An 'electoral coup' in the Democratic Congo, the Hulk through Hell 2 days ago   25:16

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A two year wait for a new leader is coming to an end in the Democratic Republic of Congo, but already a post-election crisis is brewing.
Felix Tshisekedi, the leader of the largest opposition party, has been declared the winner of the long-delayed presidential election to replace Joseph Kabila.
But a second opposition rival, Martin Fayulu, is denouncing the result as an 'electoral hold up'.
Will there be a peaceful transition of power?

Presenter: Folly Bah Thibault

Benedicte Ndjoko - Congolese historian, coordinator of Likambo Ya Mabele civil liberties movement
Al Kitenge - Chief Executive, Innovation Task Force & political consultant, economic analyst
Indigo Ellis - Risk Consultant, Verisk Maplecroft

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boniswa bcs
If these whites can keep their nose in that tiny Europe Africa will be just fine
Abel fitumukizza
Our country has to change franch language to English language as the way to get Belgium and Frence out of DR.Cngo
peter Silas
We hope this time piece will be given a chance .Kabila was never given that privileged. He had to do it the hard way ,but all the same he did his best. They created senseless wars and chaos, to loot and make the country ungovernable , and then came with propaganda that would put everybody off. But Africa is not what it used to be so you had better work with us for a better future. There is nothing wrong with the new government working with the new government for a smooth transition and continuity.Rwanda and Uganda should also know that a stable DRC is better for everybody.
Papy Mwanza
Fayulu is the Puppet of the European Countries, Felix Tshisekedi is our Really President. Fayulu was all over the western countries media. Please leave Africa sort out our own problems. Millions have died in Eastern parts of Congo DRC and no international media ever put this kind of energy in that situation. We are not children ANYMORE, we can all see what you guys trying to do. Leave our Minerals alone please.
Teddy M
Now I understand why Kabila shutdown the Internet in DRC since December so his mignons que be all over the internet from outside the country and spread more lies. Family is in Kinshasa, Mom and sisters. Kabila is destroy Congo, Tshisekedi is just a puppet and this is going to end very bad for my people. And you keep thinking that people will accept the results your fooling yourself. Without the International Community this can dangerously end into a nasty civil war worst than Rwanda 1994.
Teddy M
A.L Kitenge talk nonsense shut up
Jassy Rahal
jesus after decades they had one shot at being a true democracy and they blew it. It's inevitable that black majority countries cannot hold democracy. There is not a single black majority country which is developed. Only chance they have is being governed by one of the developed countries.
Saeed Ahmed
congo and Congolese will never change..there resources are there biggest curse
Nzam Pistis Sangolo
Endigo you are .....
ronny kabongo
Where did you get this Indigo lady. she knows nothing about the dynamics of politics in DRC. She just studied headlines and is supposed to be an expert "in what worlds is the UDPS going to be Kabila's tool. you know nothing about DRC"
Rose Kb
I'm so happy that the Vote in Congo went without any Death, Fayulu is a puppet of French and Belgium, for all you who complaining UDPS has more than 9 million members, West are surprised because they always like the puppet which they can control, thanks The united nations and President Donald J. Trump reject all no sense from French and Belgium ...
Luse Levi
The west and their crony media is essentially inciting riots in the DR Congo! There will be no violence because most Congolese support Tshisekedi, I been naive for so long thinking the west wanted democracy in African but in fact they want chaos so they can keep pillaging the country! This is crazy, it is a coordinated effort between western media to prevent Congo from becoming a democracy!
Luse Levi
This is how ppl get confused, since when did Tshisekedi became a puppet ! These ppl are unbelievable and their confusing everyone! The west needs to mind its own business!
Jean Jacques Bukasa
The true analysis of the situation is that Mr Fayulu has immensely benefited from French and Belgian media campaigns in his support to enable the French and Belgium politicians influence the congo election. This has resulted in the propulsion of his persona in a few weeks after the Geneva meeting and without real base of members on the ground. He will be supported in this adventure by Bemba, MLC party president who was suddenly freed from the ICC prisons in strange circumstances just before the election after 10 years in jail and Katumbi a rich businessman who has defected from President Kabila rank and barred from running. They have used their money and relations around the world especially in Belgium and France to also influence the result of election in Congo. That was unfair to a party like UDPS of Tshisekedi in a poor country but which has been the main opposition party for more than 37 years, well organised and having a solid base in the whole country. The huge crowds they drew and that were not shown on French and Belgium media show bad faith. The agitation you see today from these politicians is from people who have been beaten on their own game and are claiming to have been robed after their card Fayulu lost. Some catholic clergymen have played a very strange role recently. 2 weeks ago, while just few days into the counting of votes by the electoral committee, since they had also organised they own parallel counting office, with only 20% of their results in, they called journalists to declare that they knew who won the election but could not reveal the name. In Science, one cannot come with such conclusion with only 20% of data thus for a so important election. And then, 1 day after the proclamation of the winner by the Electoral commission 2 days ago, while 90% of the Congolese people were all peacefully chanting and dancing to the winning by Mr Tshisekedi, in a country all the world had predicted will fall into violence when the results will be announced, the same members of the influential Catholic church in Congo did something strange again; without consideration of the consequences of their declarations on the people they are supposed to protect in a very flammable environment, they called journalists and said that the results by the electoral commission was not conform to the truth and did not again give the name of the winner. And now its agitation again in Europe, in the media, in social network by supporters of Fayulu and Tshisekedi and there will certainly be death of people. And me to ask, what interests are some of the Catholic church clergy men in Congo serving for them to be so agitated? Why did they not give their winner's name even after the elections results by CENI ? Are they afraid that they do not have enough proof to substantiate their claims or to have contradictions in their calculations. The Pope must put order in its ranks like he is doing in the recent scandals by his men. All are not saints. The Church has been for too long infiltrated by all sorts of people: agents, spy's and you name it. With Tshisekedi and its party strong organisation, Belgium and France have long lost Congolese people' hearts in a country that they for decades have always kept in a weak state because more controllable for their own interests; a very rich country but yet its people are among the poorest in the world. It looks like they have lost it to Anglo Saxons. Now they are calling and running around the world and have promised to bring the "stolen elections" in their terms to the Security Council and shake the whole world. They wanted to influence the election and they have been beaten to their own game. Fayulu without Belgium and France illegal contribution, interference would have gotten not more than 10 000 votes. The Supreme Court of Congo must take that into account.
Sillah Saikou
Hello my fellow African time is no longer on our site. Let us reconcile and move forward
Jeremiah 1488
Blacks trying to use a white man system? I call cultural misappropriation
jesus is jerry allah is tom
Africa has never been free and never will be
iragi samson
Unbelievable, no country in this world allows church to be involved in a country politics. Catholic church and all their private organizations in DRC Congo, should be ashram. I will like to know in what law Catholic church is registered under? If they are breaking same laws' they should be stopped by the justice. Congolese justice is very week for otherwise these behavior.
*HE GOT A BIG JOB TO DO,* PEOPLE want jobs... he need to renationalize the economy, expel CHINESE who are setting shops illegally all over CONGO, Control the efficiency of the mines, attract foreign investments, rebuild social services, implement the rule of law, securitize the whole EASTERN CONGO region...
Proud Son Of Algeria
Get France out of your affairs , and everything will be OK.
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Congo, the Hulk through Hell 🇨🇩 An 'electoral coup' in the Democratic 2 days ago   53:33

The Democratic Republic of the Congo, a country four times the size of France. If you want to travel from the capital, Kinshasa, to Kisangani, the third largest city, there is no road. This leaves only plane or boat. A journey of 1,750 kilometres along the Congo, the biggest river in Africa, but more importantly, one of the most dangerous in the world! The Gbermani provides a regular link between the two cities. Like all the other boats on the river, this one is special; it travels in convoy, pushing barges filled with goods and passengers. It’s not very big but it is fitted with two ultra powerful engines that allow it to push two barges and two whaleboats. It is a veritable floating city. A convoy of 1500 people, left to their own devices, without water, electricity, restaurants, medication or pharmacy. Along the river the buoys and navigation signs have long disappeared. The boat must sail by eye, trusting to an old chart dating back to the Belgian colonisation and the instinct and experience of the captain. And many dangers lie in wait for this boat. There are the water hyacinths, threatening to jam the propeller blades at any moment, mechanical failure—frequent on these old tubs—or sandbanks where the boat may run aground, etc. Aboard the barges, one passenger—a trained nurse—attempts to treat the children and, in particular, a man who has cut open his foot in an accident. She has little in the way of medication and no anaesthetics. Assisted by other passengers, she operates on the man fully conscious in an attempt to save his foot. On the other side of the coin there are some happy events, such as the birth of a child, named Gbermani, after the boat. A two-week long journey that stretches out to more than a month on the river of peril.

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