Ukraine asking for NATO's help Ukraine and Russia on the brink of war? 1 day ago   01:52

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Kiev says Russia is massing air, sea and land forces around Ukraine.

And, Ukraine is calling on NATO to aid against potential Russian aggression.

Parts of Ukraine are under martial law and reserve soldiers are preparing to mobilize.

CGTN’s Stephanie Freid reports.

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Ukraine and Russia on the brink of war? Ukraine asking for NATO's help 1 day ago   07:07

Ukraine has imposed martial law in parts of the country. Ukraine's president said it was necessary to prevent the "extremely serious" threat of a Russian invasion. The move follows Russia's seizure of Ukrainian warships off the disputed Crimean Peninsula. A number of Western nations have condemned Moscow, but the Kremlin insists that it was provoked. At an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council, US envoy Nikki Haley said Russia had committed an "outrageous violation" of Ukraine's sovereignty.

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