Bill Burr Loves The College Kevin Nealon Has No Wild Side 2 days ago   01:59

Team Coco
Bill Burr is tickled by the lengths that wealthy parents went to to get their "dumb" kids into college.

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I feel like Conan has Bill Burr on just to express how he himself feels since he knows he’s in a job that has to appear neutral.
wright vcx
His father, Thomas Francis O'Brien, is a physician, epidemiologist, and professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School.
Steve Holmes
I didn't go to college or university you could say i went to the school of life and doing fine thank you lol
donald johnson
The part about acceptance being difficult, is true for some of the schools. But the schools with lower acceptance rates have higher graduation rates. Schools like my public college that accept over 70% of applicants, have terrible graduation rates. I don't know what the reasons are - perhaps because it is so expensive to go to USC, UCLA, Harvard, Stanford, that people are unlikely to quit. Or maybe it is good to not accept everyone, so that they don't waste their own time and money like they did at my kinder college. But there is a lot of data out there, that will challenge everyone's own biases about college. The only truth I was given about college attendance, was when the dean told everyone to look to the person on your left, then the person on your right, and said "those 2 people will not be here anymore by the end of the first year". That was true for my school, but doesn't appear to be true for the more selective universities.
Let’s not forget that Conan’s dad was one of Harvard’s top professors when he got in. :^)
Bill is slaying. Even funnier, that audience is terrified to laugh at anything even remotely non-pc.
Николай Носков
solid 6 minutes..
Timothy Lee
I wish they'd just release the whole thing as one video
de chenmo
This is so true. Unnecessary barriers set for candidates have been played out for too long not only in college, but anywhere else. It's justifiable only before it's turned into a prop for a sheer image of "prestige." Once you are in, you are fine!
naked gun! yes!!!!
Illusive ED
We need more bill burr interviews
LALI 1080
And I love this guy. 😂😂
Andrew Dussault
Conan saying Harvard was as easy as any other college. Meanwhile students at UC Berkeley's College of Engineering are struggling to stay afloat.
I'm pretty sure all this talk of "college is just an expensive babysitting service" doesn't really factor in the science and engineering degrees.
Thanks, YouTube. For recommending this to me. Bill & Conan ftw
jason lu
naked gun was awesome rip leslie nielsen
who's the bald guy with no empathy trying to tell jokes
Bill Burr is awesome!!!! Conan is a moron. All late night shows are garbage now.
They just kept cheating once they started their classes.
He was acquitted. He was never "that".
Jeremy Marsh
Bill Burr, Black man trapped in a White man's body. Bill Burr is a Vanilla Oreo.
Per AHF Hvarnes
"Naked gun! One and two!" yeah, I guess someone remembers those better 😂
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Kevin Nealon Has No Wild Side Bill Burr Loves The College 2 days ago   04:18

Despite eight seasons playing a pothead on "Weeds", Kevin is not a tattoo-encrusted drug fiend. Go figure.

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