I played with the NICEST Soccer KID GIVES ME GOLD SCAR...SO I BOUGHT 1 day ago   11:02

I played with the NICEST Soccer Skin I ever met in Fortnite...
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I played with the NICEST Soccer Skin I ever met in Fortnite... (he's SUPER friendly) This guys is nicest soccer skin in Fortnite, he's the opposite of a sweaty soccer skin in Fortnite random duos...

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are all soccer skins toxic?
Nathan Torres
Sub to me pls need 250 subs pls love formula and subed to him pls sub to me
Nareh Galoosian
The last guy that killed you had the username lurned which is the same username of a guy that Kiwiz once spectated! Coincidence? I think not!😱😱😱
Any one sense 9
I didn't know when is Formula talking
Jordan Crotts
Did he just say 26 plus 26 is 50 it’s actually 52
rosa rivas
Fortnite name ttv. get good bot
rosa rivas
Can I play with u
Cathy Mull
717 you should have luke being u
todays the 3th time when i dream that i play with you... am I gay?
Yeezy Busta Jr.
I'm friends with this guy
Ovidio Cruz
You should make a vid where u can't say let's go
TayTaygamez Potato
😔why always dis on Xbox and ps4 we are not bot just because you think your better because you are you don’t need to call us bots and stuff
Fortnitefortnitefortnitefortnite12345678910 Davies
I play on controller and editing is quite easy in my opinion
fortniteking lacy
one time I played with a friend and I herd the rest of his family
Pro pepper sucks
JeramyKleinYT yea
People say that they are a small youtuber trying to grow and then i look and they have like 3000 subs and im like WHAT SMALL MY BUTT I MEAN I ONLY HAVELIKE 23 SUBS AND IM TRYING TO GROW ON MY OTHER ACCOUNT Jeramy Klein
Eric Rivera
The ask is good for far agle
Joseph Sailer
Formula: kills someone thats standing still
Formula: lEtS gO duDe
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KID GIVES ME GOLD SCAR...SO I BOUGHT I played with the NICEST Soccer 1 day ago   12:55

The Nicest Kid Ever On Fortnite Gave Me A Gold Scar, So I Gave Him A Legendary Skin!
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Today I met the nicest kid ever on Fortnite and he gave me a gold scar! He's only 10 years old and the fact that he's so kind made me want to buy him a legendary skin on Fortnite! I hope you enjoy, please drop a like if you want more Fortnite random duos.

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