These Machines are at an INSANE LEVEL! Hammel VB 950DK Car Shredder at CARS 2 days ago   17:37

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Mind Blowing Machines and their amazing capabilities……

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how about a speaker with that size magnet on it
Why don't they just put humans into the watermellon machine (since they are not needed anymore)?
peoples Patriot
Meanwhile somewhere some Republican is screaming "The immigrants took our jobs!".
CALLING The Luddites were a secret oath-based organization of English textile workers in the 19th century, a radical faction of which destroyed textile machinery as a form of protest. The group was protesting against the use of machinery in a "fraudulent and deceitful manner" to get around standard labour practices.
Harley Me
ya that robot is so good..... at taking peoples jobs... innovation to them must mean fucking human kind
Azril Ahmad
Bernardo Alegría
maybe company reducing cost... not having the someone to speak more money in the budget
Nice video, but why no narration? Is the marble quarry in India?
Unhinged savagE
so many ads in one video, wow
Corn Dog
Now I want a good watermelon, speaking of that. Have modified all the flavour out of them or what?
** **
It’s not a bad job working as operator watching machine peeling watermelons 🍉.
schaventala kimungous
A single lone spoon amongst a crowd of rebar. Lol
Shauree 5HADE2 7ECH
8:16 Does anyone know the MUSIC PLEEEAAASSSEE😍😍😍
Jeff S
All those tools were neat except for the Indian marble quarry. Their equipment is old and they still rely on manual labor...probably why it's so cheap, but waste is real high there.
Juergen Seidl
Wow! There are videos between the ads...
jeremy henderson
"INSANE LEVEL!", if you've been living in a cave (or 3rd world country) for the last 10 yrs.
dude dude
clickbait fucktard as per
Dan Koning
At the 8:45 mark i started to feel bad for the people in the video...someone should have been courteous, and told them that those cars have motors in them, and can be driven anywhere they'd like....Just sayin'    (:{l)-[--
Daniel R. Markich
Put oil in the watermelon peeling machine!
Alberta trucker
To many ads
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Hammel VB 950DK Car Shredder at CARS These Machines are at an INSANE LEVEL! 2 days ago   06:15

An amazing machine, shredding cars whole and reducing them to smaller bits of scrap for sorting and recycling. The VB 950DK mobile car shredder is manufactured by Hammel, and was on demonstration at the CARS Expo 2012 at Hills Salvage and Recycling, near Liverpool, England.

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