Zimbabwe farm yields fruit Zimbabwe could be on verge of economic 1 day ago   03:04

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After Emmerson Mnangagwa ousted Robert Mugabe from power, Robert Smart and his family returned to the lands they had been forced from last year. The news came too late to plant maize or tobacco, but another crop thrived.

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The irony of their name being "Smart".....
Mike Baxter
That one scene where all the people are cheering and hugging the landowner says it all!
Hu Man
The white folks be safe for now. Just see for how long...maybe after next harvest.
roku the dog
They are like union scabs. Should have let them starve.
DW News
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The Freddie and ibrahim Show
I love how everyone is complaining about this, if it's such a big problem for you go to that country and sort everything out for yourself
White People to nice, they were S.A. in the 60’s.
Graeme TM
I hope SA learns from this lesson,...Land expropriation (land theft) must not happen...it will destroy the country.
Never made sense to me. You are going to go in a take over a man's successful business that is providing food and employment given that you have no talent to do what he is doing.
Let them starve. Come to Europe.
yusuph masolwa
Let us all Africans start to white people !..
King Mufasa
Malema believes he can do better than Mugabe, but he cant even get a cactus to grow!
Herald Loshi
Thanks be to GOD Zimbabwe will regain it's past glory,and hopefully learn some painful lessons,never to be repeated.
Andrew Ace
Shouldn't have come back to help...
Thats Nodildo
Look at how mad that one black guy was. he knew he needed the white farmers and how bad it bite them in the ass when he first outted them
Radosław Orman
And one again forces of good defeats evil, socialism, and starvation, bringing back High IQ population.
LaNeita Jones
Something can be worked out with some.
The white mans burden
WOW so they have to bring back the Rhodesians...... well done intelligence over emotion
Farming is supposed to unite people.
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Zimbabwe could be on verge of economic Zimbabwe farm yields fruit 1 day ago   01:47

CBS News foreign correspondent Debora Patta explains what's behind the economic crisis in Zimbabwe, where debt and hyperinflation are making life increasingly difficult.

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